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14 Sites With Hot Investment Ideas

What are the hot investments in this unstable market now? Some things never change and are always green, while other opportunities come and go faster than you blink. So here are some resources with actual and interesting investing ideas:

1. Investing Ideas: How To Buy and Invest in Stocks


This guide by Wall Street Survivor focuses on stocks and covers all the important steps of stock investing: deciding what to buy, finding good stocks, actually buying them, etc.


2. Top 6 Investment Ideas for 2016


ThinkAdvisor has prepared interesting aticle covering from stocks, to currencies and tech / biotech. And all actual for 2016 and probably the upcoming 2-3 years.

3. Investment ideas for 2016: Dalal Street not the only place to make money, here are exotic alternatives

Link: click here

The Economic Times gives several exotic alternatives to the typical investment opportunities most of us seek. This is the kind of stuff we like here at HYWD.

4. 5 Creative Investment Ideas Beyond the Stock Market


Keep going on alternatives. The Alternative Investment Coach has five of them to add, and some are really interesting. Have a look at the article linked above.

5. Investment Ideas by KapitallWire


This is not a single article but collection of guides with ideas, advice and more. Worths a look for sure.

6. Wall Street's Brightest Minds Reveal Their Best Investment Ideas For The Next Decade


Let's go long-term. The Business Insider offers the Wall Street market leader's views on stock, real estate, farmland, mortgages, base metal, and a lot more. And all that is put into the perspective for the next decade. A must read!

7. How to Invest Small Amounts of Money Wisely


This is not exactly a list of ideas but a guide that comes well in the middle of our collection. Really useful especially if you don't have much of experience.

8. 9 Ways to Invest Without Putting Money Into the Stock Market

Link: Click here

I love The Art of Manliness blog. Although their ideas aren't exotic, they are still alternative to the beaten to death stock market. Have a look, and even subscribe to the site. It's gold.

9. 3 Long-Term Investment Ideas to Start in 2016


Let's keep going long-term. You'll see some good advice here: to stay away from mutual funds, to look at gold and divident stocks (I especially like the later).

10. 4 Oddball Investment Ideas That Can Make You Money

Link: Click here

Collectibles, shows, lending, crowdfunding - not that oddball for us but might be interesting for someone who is not that used to less common investments.

11. 4 Ways to Start Investing With Less Than $500

Link: Click here

The investment vehicles here are not unusual but the good thing is they have a low starting requirement of $500. So they'll be good for those with small capital.

12. Five Investment Ideas For The Next Fifteen Years

Link: Click here

And now that's really long-term: 15 years! Who can predict what's going to happen? Nobody of course. But it's still a good read.

13. 3 Non-Traditional Investment Ideas You Should Know

Link: Click here

To some extent these were already covered above but it's always good to see someone else's point of view.

14. Advisors' Top 10 Investment Ideas for 2016

Link: Click here

This is a good stuff presented as a slide-show with photos so it's a pleasure to read. And some of the ideas are really good and original.

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