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HYIP For Beginners

Can you imagine that most people never invest in anything in their lives?

More than 50% of the population in the well developed countries have only placed some savings (notice I am saying savings, not investments) in banks. The bravest of them may put a small amount in mutual funds hoping for 12% - 15% yearly ROI.

But you are not one of them.

You are here to look for advices and information about high yield investment programs - HYIP. This e-zine discuss not only HYI programs, but also any other methods of high yield investing.

So, what is a HYIP?
As said above, it is a program which is supposed to produce much higher return of investment (ROI) than the conventional methods.

How much can I earn?
There is a whole range of returns offered by the programs. Some pay 1% ROI per day, other 5% per day, other 5% per month or variable ROI depending on trading results

Is it safe?
No! Most HYIPs are running some sort of fraudient business, a pyramid ("ponzi" scheme), or are just based on very risky trading. There is a huge risk! When investing in a HYIP, you may never seen your money back!

Then why do it?
Because if you play this game carefully, you may earn a lot with a little investment.

How to play this game?
Read good resources like, blogs and forums. Do not hurry to spend your bucks, before you learn enough

So, is it all just game?
As long as it comes to the HYI programs (HYIPs) you'd better consider this like a risky gamble.
When we talk about high yield investing - trading, real estate etc - it is a serious business

The most important rules

- Never invest more than you can afford to lose
- Always get back your seed money as fast as possible
- Do not get emotionally attached to any HYIP or it's admin

For more information, proceed with "How to use this site?"

Published at Nov, 30 '06 , Read 7766 times.

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User comments:

Joezef14 at Aug, 04 '08 06:30
I really appreciate it. I'm a hyip beginners and I'm still reading articles in various hyip sites in order not to be trapped as the other beginners. I hope your site we'll be helpful for me.
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