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High Yield Weekly Digest is not a personal blog, HYIP monitor, forum or news site. HYWD is an ezine, product of the joint effort of several people who survive in this area for years.

You can use this site as a source information source about high yield investing. We offer free information, interviews, advices, researches and reviews.

Updating frequency
This site is updated often. How often? Sometimes you can see several per day, other times it will be updated once per 3-2 days. If you want to see the new stuff first, visit us every day. Or subscribe for the RSS.
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Approved HYIPs

This section lists several HYIPs that we believe are good and that we invest in. They are listed in 3 categoires:

- Risky HYIPs - most often these are money games with good potential for high profits. The nature of these games is such, that only the early investors win. Therefore we keep them "approved" only until we believe there is still enough time to join and make profits. When it gets too late (based on our evalutation), they are removed from the "Approved" list

- Medium risk programs - these are programs we believe are honest and really invest. The reason to be qualified as "medium risk" is either their risky style of trading or the lack of definitive proof that they do it

- Proven programs - these have survived long time and have been audited and proved to be real. Usually they give lower return of investment

Note that none of the above guarantees you that you will win. There is always risk, so don't invest more than you can afford to lose.

It's good to know however, than most of the investors who follow our approvals are able to make good profits.


It's a third party service, provided by, where you can discuss general topics related to our site. Feel free to check all of their folders too - it is a good HYIP forum.


This is the personal HYIP blog of Tony Clifton, our Editor in Chief

Investing Directory

Here you will find good HYIP related sites, sorted by categories

Trading Education

If you are interested in trading yourself, check this section. We have selected some good books, courses, Forex signals and trading services

Hot Sports

Discusses the hottest news from the HYIP world

Fast HYIP Reviews

Short reviews of HYIP programs. Don't invest based on reviews older than about 10 days - the things with these HYIPs change too quick. Usually if you follow the evalutations newer than a week, you'll have success

Programs in Focus

Deeper reviews and Due Diligence on long term investment programs.


Interviews, of course :-)

General Investing

Articles on various investing topics, not always about high yield

Forex and Day Trading

Articles for novice and seasoned traders

Stock Investing

The more predictable stock world, one of the best investments available for the ordinary man

Scam and Fraud

Various warnigns about the scams which rule so much in the HYIP world

Real Estate Invetsing

Pretty serious category of articles

Recommended Reading

Find reviews of good sites, forums and blogs about high yield investing

Speed linking

Here usually once per week, we link to some inrteresting and useful blog posts and articles about investing


Ok, that's just about anything

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