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Crowdfunding Opportunity Review: ANTECY Solar Fuels Pilot Plant

With this post I am starting a new series of investment opportunity reviews. I'll be looking for opportunities that are good for the small to medium investor and have the potential for much better ROI than a bank deposit. At the moment I see the following categories to be a best fit:

  • Equity crowdfunding opportunities where you can start with as low as $20 - $30 and own equity in the project you invest in.
  • Pre-order opportunities - these are investments in products, software and apps, where you pre-order in bulk to help the entrepreneur bring their idea to life. Then you earn profits when the product is bought to the market and sold at retail prices.
  • Small business acquisitions. I'll be looking for businesses that can be acquired in the range $1,000 - $10,000 although some of them can go outside of that range. In most cases these investment opportunities will be for web-based businesses.

So, let me present the first:

URL: ANTECY Solar Fuels Pilot Plant

Opportunity type: Equity crowdfunding

Minimum investment: €20

Why Is It Interesting?

This is really innovative project. These guys have invented liquid storage for solar (and other energy) which can make using solar panels a lot more efficient. The liquid fuel can be stored and used when sun is not available, and also transported and sold on the market.

If these guys succeed this can be a real revolution and they can get exposed to absolutely huge market. The potential profits and the great impact this project can do to the world are really enormous.

High Risk / High Reward Venture

We as investors can't look in their laboratory. We can't be sure whether they are really onto something or it's just all hype. That's why I am classifying this as high risk / high reward opportunity. For investment starting at just €20 you can be part of something huge and make very high profits. On the other hand, you can also very well see no returns at all. Zero.

The specific offer is 0.5% equity for €100,000. This means the whole company is valued to € 20 millions. This isn't a big valuation for company which innovates in the green energy sector.

Main general feeling for this project is highly positive.

This is not a financial or investment advice.

Published at Oct, 17 '12 , Read 2150 times.

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