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Wealth Building For Beginners

Have you ever worked seriously to build your wealth?

Yes, yes, I know you are trying to make money. This is not what I am asking you. I am asking you if you really work on your wealth building.

One of the reasons most people have financial problems is they focus on the wrong thing. They don't know the difference between wealth and money.

So, What Is Wealth?

Wealth is goods and services. It's food, health, happiness, friends, home, entertainment... It's what you need and want. You don't need and want money, you need wealth. Most people focus on making money without to understand what is behind. That's why they fail.

Wealth is what people pay money for. If you want to make money/wealth, all you need to do is to produce it for the others.

How To Build Wealth?

You can build wealth by simply working for someone - this is what most people do. When workign for someone you give them a service they want. In exchange you get paid money which lets you buy things that you want.

The problem with this model is that working for someone is un-leveraged. You get paid X dollars per hour. If you want to have Y dollars of wealth, you have to work Z hours. There is no shortcut. In addition to that working for someone usually means you have to go to some place at a fixed hour, to work fixed hours, to ask for permission if you have to leave early and to worry if you won't be fired. Working for someone is not the best way to build wealth.

A more efficient way to build wealth is by using a leverage. Here are some ways you can leverage your wealth building:

  • Investing. Investing lets your money work for you - i.e. your current wealth producing more without you having to work

  • Alternative income. It may or may not be tied to fixed hours of work. The most important characteristic of the alternative income is you are getting something on the side, in addition to your main income. When you work for someone from 9 to 5 but earn alternative income, it supplements your wealth. If you spend and invest this alternative income wisely, you will be able to leverage your wealth much faster.

  • Running a business. One of the most straightforward ways to leverage your wealth building is to run a business. It may be risky, but owning a business allows you to break the tie between hours worked and income.

This site will help you understand how to succeed in all the 3 main ways of leveraging wealth. We'll cover topics like working from home for alternative income, alternative investing, building a small business from scratch and many more.

Where To Start?

Read the main articles in this site. Learn how to make money from home so you can invest and build wealth. Spend some time to understand how you can keep your profits offshore. Learn how get paid to can bring you some very easy money to start.

Don't stop learning and don't give up. This site will be your personal guide to building real leveraged wealth.

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