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Financial Design and Software

During the years HYWD has partnered with a small design, copywriting and software studio which has designed and built our site, The Shark Investor, many other of our niche websites and software tools. After years or working well together we were able to develop a partnership that lets me offer you their specialized services in financial design and software development at discounted prices.

The offers below are subject of negotiation. The quality and delivery of purchase is personally guaranteed by me and If you are interested in any of the offers, contact me at or

Financial Web Design and Development

Our partners are specialized in designing web sites and mobiles sites in the areas of finance and investing. You can purchase a unique design for your investment project, HYIP, GPT site, financial blog, forum, trading system etc. You can choose from premium design which includes logo desig, graphic concept and standard-compilant HTML code to slight modification of existing templates and scripts.

Other Graphic Design Services

The studio can design your banners, logos, flyers, software templates, print materials and more. Flash, Macromedia and other movies can also be developed.

Budget Financial Solutions

If you can't afford the premium service, our studio can still find a solution for you by researching and modifying existing templates and designs.

Web Software Development

You can get specific financial software developed for you - like trading platforms, calculators, content publishing, HYIP and GPT scripts etc. Customization of existing software is also possible after negotiation. Out of the box software is also available for cutting costs and time.

Professional Copywriting

If you are running a financial or investment related site that needs unique, high-quality content written in good English or Spanish, you can also get it here.

Payment Terms And Delivery

Usually the studio requests 25% - 50% advance depending on the type of work (100% for "out of the box" solutions) and includes a money back guarantee in case the work is not completed on time and with the desired quality (that's unlikely outcome). The payment methods we work with are Paypal, Payoneer and Liberty reserve.

All the prices and terms are subject of negotiation. If you are interested in any of the offers, contact me at or or just leave a comment and I'll get in touch with you.

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