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In Focus: GalleonFX, Managed Forex Accounts

by Tony Clifton [Your Program In Focus]

Please read the latest update.

The more HYIPs crash, the more I am looking for scam free but also high yield (and risky) investments. It has been six months since I did some basic research on Managed Accounts and I keep searching for the best deal which will take my money and will also be offered to you.

GalleonFX is not exactly that deal, but it gets close to it. (The link is affiliate. If you want to open an account you need to enter mbongwe as your referrer, because the site accept members only by invitation). Said shortly, GalleonFX is one of the best managed forex account available to the average investor.

GalleonFX Summary

GalleonFX offers managed forex accounts. Nothing more or less. There is no hype, no pooled accounts and no forex signals. There were 2 trading strategies until recently, when they decided to continue only "Cannon 25". Here are the details of the offer in short:

  • Euro 2:1 leverage

  • 3 Forex brockerages available

  • Minimum investment: $25,000, for limited time they accept $10,000

  • 25% fees on the performane results

  • No e-currencies accepted. Bank wires and cheques only

  • The average performance exceeds 100% per year

If you are interested, just see all the details here. For me the most interesting page is the performance table. It shows consistent and very good ROI for long term. Note that this is hypothetical ROI based on back testing.

The live account performance, based on Cannon 450 and Cannon 150 systems confirms the tests perfectly.

Due Diligence

When investing in managed accounts, the typical for the HYIPs due diligence is not too meaningful. GalleonFX cannot run away with your money, because it's only you who can withdraw them from the brockerage house.

Here the DD is useful mostly to ensure how experienced the traders are and what are the chances to blow out your money. Looking at their historical performance (which is real for sure, as I have been watching them for more than one year), I would say the risk is absolutely reasonable. There were drawdowns, but over long term the results are very positive.


Are you asking yourself what will happen if you invest the minimum $10,000 there? Are you expecting me to tell you that? I hope no ;-) I can only guess like you would do. In case you assume 100% average gross yearly ROI (compounded) - which would make 75% nett for you - in 5 years your $10,000 will turn into $165,000 and into 2.7 millions in 10 years. Of course this is just hypotetical, but I'd say it's much more realistic than doing such calculations for any HYIP.

The other perspective is to lose these $10,000. I'd say you can't lose them all, but a significant amount of it - this is possible. No pain, no gain.

Other reviews and references

I am not discovering the hot water by revieweing GalleonFX. It's quite possible that you have heard about it already. What I want to do is to give you more information and thoughts about this, in my opinion, quite good service.

If you want to see other viewpoints, here are some other sites which are reviewing or discussing GalleonFX:

  • A short reviewm whois referrence and comments are available at HYIP Confession

  • There is a short forum discussion at Income Hunting

  • Much longer discussion on non-HYIP forum is available here

After all, I don't know how long the minimum will be $10,000, but it is good to remember this is temprorary. When they raise it to $25,000 it will get harder for most of us to participate.

Published at Feb, 07 '07 , Read 78522 times.

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User comments:

Jeff haggerty at May, 15 '07 16:40
If your looking for a managed forex account with an extremely low entry level and a good track record, please take a look. You have total access to your money at all times. They have 2 managed accounts to choose from depending on your investment style. Good Luck! It's working very well for me.
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clifton at May, 16 '07 02:04
Which one do you mean, Jeff - Galleon or another one? If another, could you give more details?
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Leon Gillis at May, 17 '07 22:17
Jeff, Do you know anyone looking for a Managed Account where the minimum investments is $500.00. It will go up to $2,500.00 minimum in the future. Right now we are only accepting Agents. We have about 170 agent positions available. If you want to know more just email me.
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clifton at May, 18 '07 01:43
Leon, definitely a lot of people would be interested in MAs with $500 - $2500 minimum. Could you provide me with more details? By the way note your email is not visible to the other commenters
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Jeff haggerty at May, 18 '07 06:09
Leon has described the basic program. I have 2 accounts that are managed by a broker. The MB account has not begun trading yet, but when operating will trade numerous times in any given day or week. It lends itself well to using the gains for your cash needs. The IBFX account is more conservative and will keep positions open for days. I've been very pleased with the results of this account to date. Jeff
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AV2 at May, 18 '07 07:24
Could you please tell me "Jeff" How much do your Manage Accounts return(%) in average each month?
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Leon Gillis at May, 18 '07 07:44
Here is the information that you requested!! This is a real powerful program. Sure you can make some good interest on the trading but being an agent provides a Business opportunity as well. As you can see, I am going to give you $120 back should you sign on with me. Currently there are 158 positions left. I am going to start this post by just explaining the basics of this program. (when you signup for agent with our link you will get 50 % of referral bonus (aprox $ 120,-) back when we have received it from fusionats) FusionATS is basically a membership that will allow you access to traders. EXCELLENT LICENSED TRADERS. You will have to open your own trading accounts with the broker(s), so everything is in your name and under your control. The traders trade from a master account and your acct is attached to it so any trades they do are done in your account as well. This is all done through real broker accounts. This is not HYIP in any way. To have access to the traders, you have to join Fusion and for now they are only allowing one to join as an "agent". Being an agent will allow you to make commissions on any agents you refer to the company. But even if you refer no one, you will be paid from the profit sharing pool starting in about a month (they are getting the software set up for this now). So you can be passive and still earn just by being an agent. This program is for serious investors, it isn't a "game" or a high risk program, other than the risk that comes with any forex trading. They started at 500 and have 158 positions remaining. That may seem like a lot to go, but they have it posted with a countdown function and I am always amazed to see how fast the positions are going (I log in several times a day). I think it is because the bigger list owners are also promoting this one, so those positions won't last and when they re-open, they will be even more expensive with a higher minimum required at the trading accounts (right now it is $500 each). It currently costs $495 to join and then you can open trading accounts with the star traders (these guys have averaged about 50% profit per month over the last year with a low of 9% and a high of 85%.) You also can refer other agents and investors and earn a lucrative commission as well as a passive income from the profit sharing pool for agents. Leon
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Jeff haggerty at May, 18 '07 09:18
The broker has been using this software for over a year. The returns have been as high as 85% and he only had 1 losing "week" in that time frame. My IBFX account based on current returns will return approximately 32% this month and that is the conservative account. The MB account which has not started trading yet is the one I'm really excited about! Please remember you have 100% control of your funds. These accounts are not HYIPs. I've been burned by too many of them. Jeff
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John at Jun, 17 '07 05:11
please can you tellme if they still have position avalable ,I like the fact that I control the funds John
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clifton at Jun, 17 '07 09:34
Yes, John, you can register thru the link in the article and get your account up in just few days. The minimum now is $10,000
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Francisco at Jun, 27 '07 17:06
It's a good analysis. The 100% gain in one year is less than what other Forex plans on the HYIP market
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clifton at Jun, 28 '07 02:04
I only hope they can keep this for long time. Using the calculator at you can see how your money can grow a lot in just few years
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Dhimit at Jul, 29 '07 03:32
Pls. clarify - are 'GalleonFX' & '4X Club' the preferred choice for 'FX Managed A/Cs' for consistent returns ? Dhimit
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clifton at Jul, 29 '07 04:16
hi Dhimit, 4x Club is a HYIP scam, it is not a managed account. GalleonFX is my personal choice for Managed account, but current month there is a big drawdown (an exact update will come in August), so I would wait for another month to see positive results.
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DHIMIT at Jul, 29 '07 08:46
Hi Clifton, What's the ROI by GalleonFX per mth ? It must in excess of 25% since they take 25% commission & fees ?! Dhimit
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clifton at Jul, 29 '07 13:34
Dhimit, The 25% cut is only from your profit. So for example if you make 10% for a given month, they get 25% of that - i.e. 2.5%. When there is a loss, they don't get commsission
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Stefan at Jul, 30 '07 11:43
Hi Clifton, Have you or anyone else had any experience with the products listed on ?! The results look quite impressive, far better than GalleonFX ?
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clifton at Jul, 30 '07 13:27
Hi Stefan, One of the accounts on produced huge drawdown of 45% in the last month. But yes, few of the others look much better. But before going further to pick one of them, I need to watch them longer time. I watched Galleon since an year and even now there is unpleasant surprize (-13% this month), but hopefully that will be a rare exception.
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Maes at Nov, 25 '07 19:28
I cannot access GalleonFX website. What's happened to them? Is it undergoing maintenance, or are they under DDoS attack?
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clifton at Nov, 26 '07 01:39
Some server issue I guess, it's back now.
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Jamal Malik at Dec, 04 '07 11:04
Mbongwe, How come you didnt send me an email congratulating me on opening and funding my FXCM and GalleonFX managing accounts? I email the people who have been using my referral link. I ought to make you a lil passive affiliate income as being in your GalleonFX downline.
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clifton at Dec, 04 '07 12:40
Hey Jamal, nice blog you have there. Put "http://" in it next time when posting a comment so you can have it clickable (and get some search engine rankings because of the live link). Unfortunately Galleon are far from quick in updating referral stats, so I have no idea yet who have funded recently. But since you have done that - congratulations! :) We'll get passive income only if you also make income, so it's a fair share. Thanks :)
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Jamal Malik at Dec, 04 '07 12:56
I'm in touch with my downline too. So, not only will you get 1st tier commission, but 2nd tier commission from the couple of people whom I've walked through the paperwork process. Thanks for the reply to my first posting in this page so quickly. Nice to see, and not only that, i received a helpful tip at that. Appreciated!! Jamal
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Mr. Thomas at Apr, 14 '08 08:08
BTRFX just moved up in the rankings as one of the top traders in the world. Take a look at the site below and shoot me an email with BTRFX in the subject line and get our brochure and account opening forms.(10k min)(18 months no losing trades)(6% average per month)
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Mr. Thomas at Apr, 14 '08 08:09
BTRFX just moved up in the rankings as one of the top traders in the world. Take a look at the site below and shoot me an email with BTRFX in the subject line and get our brochure and account opening forms.(10k min)(18 months no losing trades)(6% average per month)
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Mr. Thomas at Apr, 14 '08 08:09
BTRFX just moved up in the rankings as one of the top traders in the world. Take a look at the site below and shoot me an email with BTRFX in the subject line and get our brochure and account opening forms.(10k min)(18 months no losing trades)(6% average per month)
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Mr. Thomas at Apr, 14 '08 08:10
BTRFX just moved up in the rankings as one of the top traders in the world. Take a look at the site below and shoot me an email with BTRFX in the subject line and get our brochure and account opening forms.(10k min)(18 months no losing trades)(6% average per month)
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Mr. Thomas at Aug, 06 '08 22:06
Here is a link to two great MA's. 1 yielded 60%+ and the other 280%+ in 2007 -
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jamal malik at Aug, 07 '08 04:19
There is an investment program that is a bit structured more like a loan, id say. PGF trades on Forex markets via FXCM, and incurs risk, but guarantees the investor a fixed amount. Call the office and learn more about it.
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Mr. Thomas at Oct, 01 '08 07:43
Diversity is the key. Never put all your eggs in one basket. - This link will tell you all you need to know about what I think is one of the #1 managed accounts around.
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Jamal at Oct, 01 '08 11:49
Thanks, and to leverage your self to diversify more strongly, Product Group Financial via is the way to position yourself to take advantage of whatever managed account you decide you like.
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hjqha at Oct, 05 '08 18:41
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Forex at Nov, 28 '08 16:35
is there any regulation or certification needed in order to run managed forex account operation??
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clifton at Nov, 29 '08 06:01
It's a gray area. They usually register them offshore if registered at all
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Managed Forex Accounts at Jul, 02 '09 05:51
Managed Forex Accounts - [url][/url] you are the owner of your account as it's registered to your name you can close your account and withdraw money from it any time without notifying me Profit - 30/70
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Forex Signals at Jan, 27 '10 10:59
To my mind the managed Forex accounts have the great future. It's very good to help people in getting profit.
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Ma at Apr, 07 '10 19:17
Look the Forex Managed Account Tested and Recommended by me and 3 friends. Professional !
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clifton at Apr, 08 '10 04:12
Ma, what's their past performance?
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Ma at Apr, 08 '10 11:38
Chifton, I m with GF since 2008/2009. They was working with a swiss broker, but broker in Swiss need to be a bank. GF did not like the changes and now they are starting with FXCM UK and DBFX. 2007 to 2008 i lost around 40k with another 3 managed account, when i was testing them. After know i recovered everything and now i m in profits with consistent earns. I and some friends are happy. They have a good program to become a Introducing Agent, the earns of the plan is fantastic, i never saw before. Recommended. Good luck and register in their website you will see the past performance. better than i say is you look there. Success to everybody. You can call them and contact like you want. I m chating with the manager daily. Nice support ! Growth Finance S.A The Century Tower 20th Floor, Suite 2007 Avenida Ricardo J. Alfaro Panama City, Republic of Panama Tel +1 718 473 0108 Skype: gf_alexandre
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Ma at Apr, 08 '10 14:05
The best Managed account is Recommend by me and friends. Read the website and register to know more.
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Carlos at Apr, 13 '10 15:39
Ma, i´ve invested with them too and i m getting nice profits. Indicated !
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Ma at Apr, 20 '10 15:06
Me too, good service. Carlos, did you get the login/password to watch their trades 24hs daily ? if yes, tell me please. Good luck and enjoy Growth Finance SA.
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Jonh at Apr, 20 '10 15:11
Ma, ask the manager Alexandre from GF, they told us that will have this news next days. THE BEST. THEY ARE PROFESSIONAL, SECURE, CONSISTENT AND TRANSPARENT.
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Didier at Apr, 23 '10 14:47
Eu tinha ouvido muito sobre o profissionalismo desta empresa, novembro /09 resolvi abri uma conta com eles na Dukascopy, me surpreendi com os retornos de novembro, dezembro e janeiro. Hoje minha conta ja está aberta na FXCM com eles, é claro ! Recomendado pra todos, Growth Finance SA. Ps. Estou em contato com a empresa pra eu assinar o contrato de introducing agent com eles, quero ser parceiro urgente pra indicar uns amigos e faturar mais... jejeje
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Didier at Apr, 23 '10 14:49
Translation ... I had heard a lot about the professionalism of this company, in November / 09 decided to open an account with them at Dukascopy, I was surprised with the returns of November, December and January. Today my account is already open at FXCM with them, of course! Recommended for everyone, Growth Finance SA. Ps. I'm in contact with the company for me to sign the Introducing agent contract with them, I want to be a partner for urgent indicate some friends and earn more ... jejeje
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25% weekly account growth at Apr, 28 '10 14:28
This is a new and revolutionary trading method that everybody can learn to trade with. It takes only 3 weeks of our teaching course to study all the principles of the trading system, become a professional independent trader and start getting big profit.
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Didier at Apr, 29 '10 14:43
Good, but i and my investment group tried all system. Nothing work ! Choose The best to grow your funds !
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Stephen at May, 04 '10 11:49
Hello Didier, i like the forexwebmanagement investment group. Nice options, but really the GF is very good.
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Stephen at May, 05 '10 18:41
Look below the links that i found. They are transparent and professional. I m loving the profits !
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João at May, 16 '10 16:00
Really, GFinance is a nice and transparent company ! I m getting their daily email with live statement and %s.
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Lars-ke Frisendahl at Oct, 04 '10 14:50
Dear sir I am interested of this Forex program. Please send me more information. My name is lars-ke Frisendahl Best regards Lars-ke
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João & Marina at Oct, 05 '10 04:05
Dear Lars, please send me your e-mail. We will send u more infos about a great, safety and consistent Managed Account.
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labi at Feb, 28 '11 06:09
kindly notify me on this 2 managed account,low entry and perfect performance record on this type of managed account
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John Graal at Apr, 10 '11 21:47
The best Forex Managed account in my opinion is Low minimum investment Accept Paypal, Mastercard, Visa and Wire Statement avaliable Traders team with over 10 years experience and worked inside banks etc ... Good Luck !
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Silcole at Apr, 11 '11 05:44
Owww John, its really nice ... i will contact this Forex Managed Accounts company. Tnks by recommend ...
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Silcole at Apr, 11 '11 13:12
For sure, is the best. Low minimum deposit and professional traders that managed accounts inside banks. Recommend ! :)
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John G. at Apr, 11 '11 13:15
Last 2 months our group got over 15% with Growth Opportunity Forex Managed Accounts. :) we are happy !
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Silcole at Apr, 11 '11 13:18
For me, only december i got negative -3%, i know its normal. They manage the loss like pro. i m happy tooo... :) November to today over 40% :) hehehe Prof.
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Didier at Apr, 11 '11 13:20
Ill try there ... Good luck 4 me ! lol
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John G. at Apr, 11 '11 13:21
Enjoy Didier ! I hope you get nice profits with Growth Opportunity S.A Forex Managed Accounts ... bye
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clifton at Apr, 14 '11 09:29
Because of spammers like you "Didier", "Silcole" and "John" (who all use the same email address and IP), I cleaned the entire DB of homepage URLs. So you will gain no link juice. One more spam like this and I'll remove the homepage field altogether, I'm really pissed off.
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Forex Managed Accounts at Apr, 15 '11 06:48
I spam about too We are very stupid spammers! Never invest in growth-opportunity because we are spammers.
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John Barnes at May, 15 '11 18:05
I'd prefer
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Forex Managed Accounts at May, 29 '11 12:12
Last email from Growth Opportunity S.A, for me is the best and more transparent Forex Managed Account Company in the market. They show results before the client open an account. look: Dear Sir, Welcome to Growth Opportunity S.A Watch our traders working online. Using the following link below, you can download the trading platform: Investor Login: 7008xxxx Investor Password: iex6xxxxx Investor Server: 83.169.4xxxxxxxx Register in our website to take the correct investor login/password and watch our trader team working on our live account. (already avaliable) PS. We will be always happy to help in the process to open an account ! Weve kept the fee structure for the Growth Opportunity S.A managed account simple. There are only two fees that you pay and there are never any hidden fees. Management Fee: A 2% annualized service fee is charged monthly, based upon the average capital in your account. This fee lets us deliver the program to you and is charged at 0.167% monthly. Performance Fee: You pay a 15% to 30% performance fee, as your investment, based on net profits in your account. This means Growth Opportunity S.A success is tied to your success. The performance fee is 15% to 30% of realized gains based on achieving the High Water Mark in your account, otherwise known as the highest historical value of your investment. If Growth Opportunity trader team do not trade or loses money for you in a given month, you do not pay the performance fee to that month. In addition, if our trader team lose money for you in a month, and makes money for you in a later month, you will pay the performance fee only on the profits above your high water mark. Our Fees with High Water Mark: $ 2500,00 to $10.000,00 = 15% performance fee + 2% management fee (Clients test) $10.000,00 to 100k = 20% + 2% 100k to 500k = 25% + 2% Over 500k = 30% + 2% Our Goal is make average 10% monthly and/or average 100% yearly with low risk ! Infos: We make money only if our client make money. If the client invest 90k for example and add more 11k or gain money till 100k, the performance fee will be changed and the client need to send another POA or we will stop the managing. If you do not want to invest to make money, become our partner and use your affiliate link to bring your clients and make money without invest anything. Register in our website to know more about us, see our performance table, information about our partner broker/bank and step by step to open an account. Add us: YM: growth_opportunity Skype: ; FB: Growth Opportunity S.A Twitter: @ForexManagedAcc Welcome to grow your funds with us ! If you would like to contact someone to verify about us, please call to our broker Languages Speakers avaliable in many languages Legal: Growth Opportunity S.A is Authorised by Varengold Bank FX If you have no interest in our forex managed account, receive our emails in the near future because normally we will do business. If really want to take your name from our list of contacts, reply us to this email with the subject: DELETE.
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Alex Morrison at Oct, 14 '14 03:30
FX managed account through MAM account Strategy: Institutional trading (Supply and demand imbalance) Offer: FX managed account through MAM account You open a segregated account on your name (I work with 4 different brokers within EU, USA and Australia) then it gets connected to my MAM (multiple account management) Min investment: $5.000 Past performance Youtube links below
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sara at Nov, 03 '14 00:50
Forex trading is open 24 hours a day and therefore you need to ensure that the forex broker that you choose operates at all times of the day.  Started In FOREX Trading
Reply to this comment
liza at Nov, 03 '14 00:50
Forex trading is a zero sum game. For every long there is also a short
Reply to this comment
Vlad at Sep, 07 '16 17:31
Have you ever considered Their minimum investment is $5000. It is neither HYIP nor ponzi. I can not afford to invest that amount now, and I would be interested in creation of the investment pool. You can find my contact info here:
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