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Investment Opportunity Review: (Flippa Auction)

Let me first start with a small intro in case you are not familiar with Flippa Auctions. Flippa is the most popular place for buying and selling websites and web based businesses,. So in these reviews we'll recommend you site sales that look as potentially good opportunity to make some cash. As usual, this is not a finalcial advice.

These opportunity types are not a guaranteed investment. This means you may want to participate but you might be unable to win the auction.

Opportunity type: investing in a website


What Is It? is a directory of websites and pages about travel. The site makes money out of advertising, paid directory listings, sponsored blog posts, and Adsense. It's semi-passive business: you don't need to create content because it's user-submitted. You do need to review and approve the entries however.

Investment margins: Between $2,000 and $12,900 depending on how the auction goes

Potential profits: between 63% and 400% per year but only if the current revenue is true and continues.

Who Is This For?

As I said semi-passive, have in mind this is a business, not a stock investment and requires some work. While it doesn't require you to have much experience with web based business, you should at least have some idea of it, be able to upload the site on your hosting, and be able to learn working with the administration panel etc.

Why I Think It Deserves Your Attention

The first reason why this caught my attention is the high potential ROI. With some luck this investment can be returned back fully in less than an year. Another reason is, the site itself is good and stable. It relies on organic traffic, has good Google PR, and has clear business model. It's not very often to see a real quality site sold on Flippa for relatively low price.

Potential Of This Opportunity

The potential of this investment is huge if you put some work in it. The income can raise even further and this business can grow with more services, sister sites and so on.

For me the risk seems moderate. I don't think there is immediate risk of losing the site traffic at least not much of it, because it's stable and well spread between different sources. Having the site banned by some Google algo is always possible but doesn't seem likely. And only part of the traffic is from Google - the rest is from direct visits, Yahoo, Bing, social networks, and referring sites.

I will personally participate in this auction and will try to buy the site.

This is not a financial or investment advice.

Published at Jul, 26 '13 , Read 16238 times.

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