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Forex and Day Trading

How To Make Use Of a Forex Demo: The Baby Steps

If you’re interested in forex trading, your path is likely to pass through the demo trading channel. A forex broker prefers to introduce beginners to the forex demo account at the earliest stage in order to alleviate their fears and worries about forex being too difficult and complex. Since forex...
Posted at 02/06/2010 06:02; Read 6962 times;

The Ugly Facts of Life About Being a Petroleum Trader

By Dennis Hessler Anyone who's gotten involved in the inevitable daisy chains that are part of the online international commodity "trading" business has learned a new meaning of the term "dead end." The fact is (and this is learned from real oil traders who know from experience) that most of these "deals"...
Posted at 06/10/2008 05:06; Read 1879 times;

Five Online Resources for Forex Charts

by Heather Johnson You can't be an informed Forex trader if you don't know how to analyze those charts. Of course, there are several different kinds of Forex charts to choose from. Luckily, there are online resources that provide both live charts and tutorials for deciphering them. Whether you are a...
Posted at 06/04/2008 01:06; Read 2642 times;

A Crash Course to the Basics of Day Trading

By Miodrag Trajkovic The human race has gotten familiar with the idea of trading since time immemorial. It has been the people's outlet for survival, prosperity and progress, and for the exchange of their feelings, ideals, and experiences too. With a little back up of history, it can be traced back...
Posted at 05/20/2008 15:05; Read 2329 times;

What Trading Cannot And Will Not Do For You

By Leroy Rushing Many new traders get pulled into the trading world, thinking that it will make them an overnight millionaire or put them at the top of the food chain. Hollywood may portray the trader as someone who makes money without trying, but this couldn't be further from reality. Trading...
Posted at 05/13/2008 09:05; Read 2048 times;

The Dumb Mistakes Most Traders Make When Using A Forex Signal Trading System

By Greg F. Morris If you are using a Forex signal trading system to aid you in your day trading, you should continue reading this article. In this article, we will cover 3 dumb mistakes that are often made by most traders. They are - over-reliance,forget to set a stop-loss limit...
Posted at 05/01/2008 05:05; Read 1816 times;

Top 5 Online Training Resources for Forex Traders

by Heather Johnson Whether you are new to trading or just need to brush up on some of your skills, there are many online resources that help you to hone your talents. In fact, Forex newcomers are heartily recommended to practice with a demo account and read some tutorials before getting...
Posted at 04/24/2008 02:04; Read 3079 times;

Forex Assassin - Is This System A Scam? Find In This Review

By Rahul G Forex Assassin system just came out few days back and experts are already talking about it. I am sure you must have heard of this system already. Also, you must have heard of a formula that this system contains that helps identify the trade. Many of you might...
Posted at 04/01/2008 08:04; Read 7332 times;

10 Practical Tips for a Forex Trader

by Heather Johnson Common sense is a required trait for a successful Forex trader. However, many investors will find themselves succumbing to their emotions, rather than using their head. Though you may think you're doing everything correctly, it is possible that you need a heavy dose of rational counsel. In fact,...
Posted at 03/22/2008 14:03; Read 2617 times;

Forex Education - A Lesson from History for Forex Success

by kelly price Here we are going to look at the story of "the turtles". If you don't know who they were, then you should study this group of traders, as learned to trade in just 14 days and made $100 million, in just 4 years! There is much to learn...
Posted at 02/14/2008 06:02; Read 1920 times;

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