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General Investing

Sector Investing Strategies - Equal Weight

Sector Investing Strategies - Equal WeightBy Hans Wagner Many successful investors follow sector investing. Some of the largest funds and ETFs including the SPDR S&P 500 Index ETF (SPY) base their portfolio allocation on the capitalization weighted S&P 500 index. This sector investing strategy allows you to match the market as...
Posted at 12/05/2009 04:12; Read 3396 times;

Generating Multiple Streams of Income

By James Gauci Many people stay unaware of this and the current growing inflation rates can easily overwhelm the amount of interest money that you will probably earn from the personal bank savings. Before committing on your hard earned money, make an effort to study about various investment products and then make...
Posted at 06/06/2008 09:06; Read 4667 times;

Leveraged Investing - Better Than Real Estate - No Down Payment

By Richard Lepinsky It is Sunday August 1, 2004, 5:00 PM, and Joe and Mary Smith of 12 Tranquil Bay, are preparing a back yard Mortgage Burning BBQ with neighbours, who are arriving shortly. Joe & Mary bought their house brand new for $90,000, 20 years ago, when the cul de...
Posted at 05/27/2008 09:05; Read 2258 times;

Investment Capital - How Do You Invest If You Have No Money

By Pablo Terreros I remember it like it was yesterday. Real Estate, gold, silver, foreign markets...all were changing. Conditions were prime to make a lot of money. Even a small amount of money could turn into fortunes if invested properly. There was only one problem...I had NO money! Yes,...
Posted at 04/29/2008 05:04; Read 2560 times;

Two Ways To Hedge The Falling Dollar

By Kyle Bumpus With the dollar getting weaker every day, prudent investors need to take action to hedge their exposure to the ailing greenback. I'm not suggesting you dump all your stocks and buy gold and wheat futures, but the trend is too strong to ignore. Here are two...
Posted at 04/10/2008 02:04; Read 1815 times;

Is Intellectual Property a Good Investment?

By Jon Elton There are those who would prefer to invest in things they can touch and feel. Though stocks of a potential nature certainly have value it can sometimes be difficult to believe they will return on an investment. It seems to be easier to believe in things we can...
Posted at 03/30/2008 05:03; Read 2068 times;

Alternative Investments in a Bear Market

By Ladi Dairo Treasury Bills, Commercial Paper, Corporate Bonds, Certificate of Deposits and Repurchase Agreements. Collectively are referred to as Money Market Instruments. Money market instruments are short term debt obligations generally regarded as low risk, low to medium return investment for the holder. They are essentially IOUs issued by governments, financial...
Posted at 03/26/2008 08:03; Read 1735 times;

Are Commodities The Next Investment Bubble?

By Chuck Gibson I have heard it said that in a bubble, the price of the hot item affects the economy more than the economy affects the price of the hot item. While this was true during the past two bubbles (internet/technology stocks of the late 1990's and early 2000 and...
Posted at 03/20/2008 05:03; Read 1558 times;

The Bull Is Dead - Long Live The Bear

By Al Thomas Friday the bull was not only slaughtered, but it is now going to be cut into many parts. If you are one of those folks "in for the long haul" I hope you have plenty of years because there are no more bulls in the pasture. The herd has been led to...
Posted at 03/07/2008 05:03; Read 1675 times;

Do You Like Investments That Let You Sleep At Night?

By Happy Riches There are different types of risks involved when it comes to investment. How much risk you will be prepared to take on board will largely depend on your own psychological equilibrium. If you are inclined to swing emotively then you are probably going to be a nervous wreck...
Posted at 02/24/2008 08:02; Read 2055 times;

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