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Carnival Of High Risk Investing - 2nd Edition

This is the second edition of the Carnival of high risk investing. We have received a lot of quality articles, so enjoy them below. If you have investment related blog, make sure to submit your best post to the next carnival through BlogCarnival Investing Bull Returns presents Stock Investment Resource: Stock Market...
Posted at 06/03/2008 00:06; Read 4310 times;

Carnival Of High Risk Investing - 1st Edition

We received a lot of submissions for the first carnival of high risk investing. The most quality ones are included. Enjoy! We didn't get any submissions on HYIP and E-currencies topics. Where are the HYIP bloggers nowadays? Investing KCLau presents How to Identify and Invest in the Hot Stocks of Tomorrow posted at...
Posted at 05/06/2008 02:05; Read 2977 times;

Carnival Of High Risk Investing

From May 2008 HYWD is starting to host a Blog Carnival about High Risk Investing. If you have an investment related blog, send your article URL-s to or or simply submit them thru BlogCarnival. Only high quality submissions will be included in the carnival! Benefits for the readers The readers of...
Posted at 04/16/2008 07:04; Read 2649 times;

GalleonFX is Picking Up And Accepting $2,000 Minimum

by HYWD The managed forex account GalleonFX (full review here) is starting to pick up profits again. My account was quite down in January, but last week raised up almost to the initial investment. By my rough calculation the profit in Feb so far is about 30%. Due to the big drawdowns...
Posted at 02/28/2008 05:02; Read 3199 times;

Minvestment is dead as stone, face it!

by Tony Clifton Please stop mailing me to ask me for your money back, because: 1. I am not Minvestment. I don't even know anything about them. I just did an interview with them and published it here, that's all. 2. Minvestment is scam. A dead HYIP. Gone away with all the money....
Posted at 02/05/2008 07:02; Read 3888 times;

GalleonFX Bloody Yo-Yo And Upcoming Updates

by HYWD You may have read about the big drawdown in few blogs already - for example Alan already closed his account. Yesterday my account was down with about 50% since December and about 30% since inception. I was a step away from revoking the LPOA like mentioned in the comments...
Posted at 01/25/2008 08:01; Read 2505 times;

40% Profit With GalleonFX since July

by HYWD Our selected managed forex account service - GalleonFX (full review here) had some ups and downs in the past year. But that is the deal with most real investments, especially the aggressive ones. There were even a couple of months I was thinking about revoking our LPOA, because...
Posted at 01/01/2008 06:01; Read 1958 times;

GalleonFX makes 7% in November, minimum is again $10,000

by HYWD November was quite a volatile month for the managed forex accounts provided by GalleonFX, but the end result is good - around 7% up from October. If you joined at the middle of the month you might be at loss, because the big profits were made in the beggining of...
Posted at 12/03/2007 05:12; Read 2756 times;

The Shark Investor Is Alive

by HYWD Are you interested in real, non-HYIP investments? Do you read only the fast reviews on HYWD or you find the other articles more interested? If you are ready for real world risky investments, The Shark Investor is for you. This project started as an email based newlsetter which received great...
Posted at 11/14/2007 09:11; Read 3911 times;

GalleonFX is Up 11.8% - 18.2%, Minimum Remains $1,000 For November

by HYWD The managed forex account provider GalleonFX (full review) hit another good result in October. Our EUR account is up with 11.8%. Those who went for USD are up 18.2%, but considering the USD fall, that's not a deal. If you are funding now, do it in EUR (just my...
Posted at 11/03/2007 06:11; Read 2012 times;

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