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harrison saban at Jan, 22 '18 07:15:
Are you looking for financing source such... more >>

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TRUSTEE ACCOUNT LIMITED is a British based... more >>

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Casinvest: We Want To Attract 10 Millions

Interview by Tony Clifton I had a small conversation with Albert Angus, the Program manager of Casinvest (ref). 1. What are you investing in? I saw "casinos and betting programs", but I still don't understand what exactly are you doing. Do you hire successful gambles who win on casinos, or do you...
Posted at 04/22/2008 04:04; Read 3464 times;

OGFund: We Aim At High Transparency

Interview by Tony Clifton Here is an interview with OG Fund, a high yield investment program offering daily ROI. I am David Sansom, CEO and senior trader of OG Fund. I will be answering the questions in the interview below. I could not figure out what are you trading. Could you let me...
Posted at 03/18/2008 11:03; Read 3351 times;

WOIP: We have found a way to stay

Interview by Tony Clifton WOIP is a high yield investment and loaning porogram. You can make 1% daily with your investment or obtain a loan for 1.6% daily interest. Without advocating them in any way, I was pleasantly surprised by the intelligent and well written answers I received - a rarity...
Posted at 02/27/2008 04:02; Read 3556 times;

Andrew, Finansert: We Are Licensed To Offer Financial Services

Interview by Tony Clifton Recently I was asked to take a look at Finansert(aff link). As I saw some patterns with previously reviewed programs, I wanted to ask few questions. They were answered by Andrew, the PR manager of Finansert. If I give you $10, what exactly do you do to invest...
Posted at 01/16/2008 03:01; Read 2539 times;

Ernesto, EMC Investments: We Have All The Legal Documentation

Interview by Tony Clifton EMC Investments (ref.) is a program offering four investments funds giving variable returns. The minimum investment at the moment is around $150. Here is a short interview I did with Ernesto, the admin of EMC Investments. Could you tell us more about your background and experience in investing? I...
Posted at 12/17/2007 06:12; Read 2491 times;

Shaun from My Business Is Well Documented And 100% Backed Up And Proven

I don't remember how exactly I meet Shaun, but it was not about doing an interview for his investment program. However I noticed the site and found it quite interesting. So here is the interview: Horse laying is an interesting concept. But isn't there a risk to get broke if...
Posted at 09/17/2007 01:09; Read 8659 times;

Phil Sanders, PFF: Technically We Are Involved in Bank Debentures

This is Part Two from the interview with Phil Sanders. If you have not read part one, please see here first. If you want to go straight to the sites, here they are: and Do you have any experience with this - have you already received profits from such...
Posted at 07/10/2007 02:07; Read 4906 times;

Phil Sanders, PFF: Your Funds Are Protected Via 3rd Party Escrow Service

Interview By Tony Clifton [Your Program In Focus] Phil's Fast Feeder (PFF) is a little over three weeks old. There are up two websites, both identical, and you can see them at and There seems to be a lot of miss understanding about Phil's program and to be honest the sites...
Posted at 07/09/2007 09:07; Read 2846 times; read more >> We are going to open regional offices

Minvestment is a high yield investment program offering variable daily ROI. Could you tell some words about who stays behind the program? What is the owner's name and what is his or her experience in high yield investing? Quite a lot of people stay behind our project, so it is senseless to...
Posted at 06/11/2007 04:06; Read 67863 times;

Online Forex Investment: It's funny to see HYIPs with no maximum investment!

Interview by Xenia Albitska Visit program: Online Forex Investment Please tell us your name and your position in the investment program. Jack Peterson. I'm the founder of the project and the analyst in chief. Can you name a company or person that is the legit owner of your Program? We are an offshore internet based...
Posted at 05/17/2007 06:05; Read 4603 times;

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