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Poll: What Is Your Main Investing Goal?

I saw The Shark Investor has published an interesting poll and decided to ask you something along the same line. Why are you investing? What's the main reason to be here? Some of us want to retire early and not need to work for money. Such people don't care about having lots...
Posted at 04/13/2008 04:04; 10 votes; Read 1484 times; read more >>

Poll: How Do You Want To Make Money?

You are probably interested in several ways of making money and maybe even are using some of them now. The question of this poll is about your most preferred method of building wealth. Do you want to be a respected professional, or are you interested in building a business? Or you...
Posted at 07/24/2007 04:07; 46 votes; Read 3164 times; read more >>

Poll: FeederFund Closed. Scam or not?

By Tony Clifton [Your Program In Focus] Jude from NoBS blog has reported it - Feederfund Closing Officially . That's it. The end of "the most trusted HYIP pool", the "Holy Grail of investing". Very long time ago it was in my portfolio. At some time in 2006, when I started...
Posted at 06/01/2007 03:06; 48 votes; Read 52279 times; read more >>

Poll: Which Is The All Time Biggest HYIP Scam

Let's find out which was the biggest scam in the HYIP industry so far. Let's remember all these lessons and think more the next time before we trust someone with our e-gold. There are hundreds of big scams and selecting only few of them is subjective. I understand I might have...
Posted at 04/16/2007 12:04; 115 votes; Read 8341 times; read more >>

Poll: What is your favourite investment?

Ok friends, it has been a while without polls, because we needed to update the software. Let us see now, what is your most preferred investment vehicle? If you choose "Other" please use the comment option to specify what exactly...
Posted at 03/29/2007 15:03; 50 votes; Read 2743 times; read more >>

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