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Real Estate

How To Invest $5000 For Superior Returns

By Martin Thomson It is a challenge to invest $5000 because it is really not enough money to buy wealth producing assets like real estate. However many people overlook land as an investment vehicle. Lets explore now, how you would invest $5000 in land and make some really good returns. First of...
Posted at 12/30/2007 15:12; Read 4044 times;

Is Flipping Real Estate Right For You?

By Jason Loucks In the past, individuals got into real estate investing to make money by serving as landlords. They would purchase a few homes, normally in their city or area, and would then rent them out. They made money each month from the rent as their home gained...
Posted at 12/27/2007 05:12; Read 2215 times;

Why Invest in Commercial Properties Instead of Single Family Homes?

By Anthony Seruga While there are many people who seem to believe that investing in residential real estate and single-family homes is the way to go, investing in commercial properties is much better. Instead of focusing your real estate investing on residential properties focusing on commercial properties is a better...
Posted at 12/12/2007 08:12; Read 2132 times;

Tax Deed Investing - How To Double Your Money Quickly And Easily By Investing In Tax Deeds

By Andrew Kryzak Tax deeds may well be the best kept investment secret in the world. Where else can you pick up valuable real estate for ten to twenty cents on the dollar, over and over again? Youíre actually very fortunate to be receiving the information contained in this article. ...
Posted at 07/11/2007 04:07; Read 2542 times;

Admoneo - Croatian Home Brand

The world is in process of "discovering" Croatia as a new potential. It has clean beautiful see and about thousand islands. The country is in process of joining the European Union. Lots of investors from the world are interested in buying properties because they are still low-priced but that situation won't last...
Posted at 05/13/2007 04:05; Read 4050 times;

How I turned GBP 500 in to GBP 10m with property investment

by Ajay Ahuja I started investing in property in 1996 with only £500 and now I own a property portfolio of 150 properties worth over £10m. I can already hear you - "it was easier back then!" Ironically it wasn't. Let me explain a little more. The buy to let mortgage...
Posted at 04/06/2007 04:04; Read 2318 times;

Free Property Investing - 7 Ways To Buy Property In Australia With No (or Very Little) Money Down

By Ian Thomson Thereís a myth out there that you cannot buy property in Australia for no money down. The myth is wrong. You can buy property for no money down (or for very little money down). However, as they say, thereís no myth without fire (thatís the right expression isnít...
Posted at 01/04/2007 10:01; Read 1878 times;

Investing in Kenya: Tourism Industry

By Robert Muhoho Tourism is Kenya's third largest foreign exchange earner. The tourism industry is growing as a result of the liberalization measures, diversification of tourist generating markets and continued Government commitment to providing an enabling environment, coupled with successful tourism promotion and political stability. Enormous opportunities exist for investment in...
Posted at 10/04/2006 11:10; Read 7092 times;

Real Estate Investing - Avoiding The 'Frequently Made Mistakes

by Brooke Hayles Real estate investing has been the American dream. However, it's not for the faint-hearted, many have lost money because they made mistakes. It's a risky business so you need to know the 'how to's or you could join the ones who lost money rather than made it. You know...
Posted at 10/04/2006 11:10; Read 2744 times;

Why Land - Why Now? How to Profit from Land, Lot and Home-site PreConstruction Investing

By Doug Lasley Why Now is an Ideal Time to Invest in Land Are you wary of relying on the stock market for your retirement? Or perhaps you??ôve tried to increase your net worth with rental properties but are tired of dealing with tenants. Let??ôs face it. Ultimately, the ideal investment opportunity is...
Posted at 09/06/2006 09:09; Read 3192 times;

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