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by Victoria Kovac The HYIP related forums have lost a lot of members in last 1-2 years due to the crash of the business. However the forums which combine HYIP with forex, stocks and other real world money making ventures, are still here strong as usual (for example TalkGold). Such a form...
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Victoria Picks: Forex Anonymous

by Victoria Kovac Forex Anonymous is a site with user submitted reviews about forex related services. That's it in short :-) There are also free forex signals with decent performance, but we have not tried them so far. Let me give you more details about the reviews: Auto & Verified Trading contains reviews...
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Victoria Picks: Alan's Money Blog

by Victoria Kovac Alan is one of the pals that you may have seen in the NoBS Network. But this time I will not talk about the network, but about Alan's Money Blog :-) This blog is well balanced between make money online topics (mostly with affiliate marketing), E-currencies, legit risky...
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Victoria Picks: Vestopia

by Victoria Kovac Do you want to know how investment directors manage their protfolions? This is what Vestopia is about. A very serious site with very valuable insights from people who manage millions. This is not a free service This site is not free and not much about high yield. Most advisors on...
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Victoria Picks: NoBSInvest

by Victoria Kovac It's always nice to see when a good friend of ours is starting a new project. I am sure you know Jude from NoBSHyip - he has been updating us with hyip related news and advice for the last few years. Just recently Jude decided it's time to move...
Posted at 11/12/2007 09:11; Read 1985 times;

Victoria Picks: Yeepage Journal

by Victoria Kovac It has been long time without my pics. Why? Have I been on vacation? No! There just wasn't anything which could deserve your attention for so long! People say the HYIP world is dying. And I agree! But the high yield investing and money making will never die, so...
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Victoria picks: Moneymonk

by Victoria Kovac How have you been recently? It seems that the high yield investing bloggers are all on vacation. There hasn't been interesting new blogs or sites to review in the last few weeks. If you think you have something worthwile for review, why don't you mail Tony at Such...
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Victoria Picks: My Retirement Project

by Victoria Kovac Do you think that the main goal of the smart investor is to earn as much money as he can? Wrong! There is no use of having too much money if you have no time to use them. Your and mine goals are the same - to achieve...
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Victoria Picks: Digital Money World

Recently I was looking at the blogs from b5media to discover interesting investment or HYIP related sites. The people behind the b5media network are very professional - so I was not suprised to see that Digital Money World - written by Mark Herpel - is very professional blog too. Mark...
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Victoria Picks: Code4Gold

by Victoria Kovac For some reason this big HYIP/Ecurrency related site has so far escaped my attention. I just realized I was skipping a quite useful and established resource in my "portfolio" of sites to visit. Code4Gold can be called a HYI related portal. It consists of several functional sub-divisions whose purpose...
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