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Investment Opportunity Review: iGenApps

Here's another promising opportunity I found today:

Opportunity type: pre-purchase, investing in mobile app


What Is It?

iGenAppsis a project for mobile application that will let people build mobile apps themselves. The investment opportunity is for th iPhone version of the application.

Investment minimum: $14

Potential profits: 27%

Funding target: $45,000 total, $20,000 reserve.

As this is the first time I post an Appbackr investment opportunity, let me explain what the funding targets mean. $45,000 is the maximum that will be collected through Appbackr, so your maximum investment is up to the amount that's still left to be funded. The reserve of $20,000 means that if the campaign does not collect this given amount, the campaign fails and no one will be charged. Otherwise the campaign is successful, your Paypal payment is charged and you start waiting for profits.

Potential Of This Opportunity

I choose this for several reasons. First, it's already live and successful app. Second, the developer of this application is quite experienced tech guy (although I can discuss whether he should be called "tech guru"). He is not some stranger and wouldn't spit his reputation with low quality work. And third, the market is interested in this kind of apps, because everyone wants a quick and easy way to build simple mobile apps. The purchase price of $9.99 on the App store also increases the potential of good profits.

Overall expectation: very positive. I believe this project will be success.

This is not a financial or investment advice.

Published at Oct, 19 '12 , Read 3669 times.

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User comments:

Matt at Nov, 08 '12 18:35
Good article, good advise... I invested in this app as first backr, please add more opportunity review...
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clifton at Nov, 10 '12 11:05
Sure Matt, that's in plans. Unfortunately the current funding of iGenapps is far from the reserve. Hope it will attract more funders in the last 10 days.
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clifton at Jan, 07 '13 04:25
This campaign didn't meet the reserve. It's a pity because it was a promising project. At least no one lost money.
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