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Do You Have $500? I Have 10 High-Return Investment Ideas For You!

A lot of people come here searching how to invest a specific amount of money wisely. Some have hundreds of thousands, others just few bucks. The majority of small investors have few hundred bucks lying around and want to use them well. So, here we are with ten ideas how to invest successfully just about $500. These ideas range from entirely passive to requiring plenty of work. The common between all of them is that they can bring much higher return rate than your bank deposit.

1. Crypto-coins

We wrote about them recently. Although Bitcoin price stabilized in the last few months, crypto-currencies remain hot.

If you believe that Bitcoin will not raise anymore you can have a look at Dodgecoin, Litecoint, PPCoin, and so on. Investing in them can be done in two ways: by buying the currency or by buying hardware for mining. Mining hardware for Bitcoin is already too expensive but you may be able to buy/build a machine to mine other crypto-currencies.

How much is this an investment or is it pure speculation? I'll leave it to you to judge. The main advantage is that in theory $500 can turn into $5,000 for less than an year. Of course you can also lose most of it.

2. Buy a 3d printer

Huh, what? There is a growing market for offering 3D printing services so you can now buy your 3D printer and start small business immediately. You can buy such printer for $500 or even less at AliExpress. The prices of 3D printed goods is still high so there are profits to be made. But you shouldn't be afraid to work. This is not a passive investment.

I expect it will take just 4-5 years at most, before the prices of these printers fall down to $100 - $200 so this opportunity is hottest now. Later many people will have 3D printers in their offices and even homes.

3. Antique trading

You can do it like on the shows on Travel Channel. With $500 you can buy some old stuff from auctions and resell it - either immediately or after years. You need to be creative in sourcing your item(s) and know what you are buying or you can end up with cheap Chinese imitation. You can also make it entirely online but have in mind that all auction sites are watched by sharks that are probably a lot more experienced than you so the chances to find something good at low price there aren't high. The real antique traders find their items locally or at offline auctions and then sell them to the worldwide public on ebay.

4. Invest in a website

I'm often advocating this, because it's a great way to invest small amounts. You can easily buy a content site making $30-$40 monthly, work-free, for about $500. This is a return of about 70% - 80% yearly. Find these at for example, verify the traffic (this is the most important!) and take the risk. It takes some practice to spot the good site from the bad one so it's best if you have some experience in the web business. Don't rush for the super-deals - a site that makes $500 monthly would never be sold for $500. So if you see such one, you can be sure it's some kind of scam.

5. Mobile apps

Sites like Appbackr and Sellanapp give you the opportunity to fund the development of mobile apps and then profit from the sales. With $500 you can fund about 20 different apps so this is a great way to test many things with small amount of cash.

This is a very risky business as some apps will never make any money. Before going further learn more about investing in mobile apps.

6. Crowdfunding project

Crowdfunding is really hot recently and $500 is more than enough to invest in a couple of crowdfunded projects (and hopefully make some profits). Learn more about crowdfunding from investor's perspective here.

7. Gold & other precious metals

Investing in metals is always green although not always profitable. It is however something that you can do with as little as $500 or even less.

8. Invest them in yourself

Your own skills pay best long term and can rarely be lost. Investing in yourself is one of the best investments you can make ever. It's not passive but brings the highest returns for life. Here are some ideas how you can use that $500 sitting in your pocket.

9. Home improvement

Improving your home, especially an owned home is often a valuable and high return investment. For example adding a new insulated door or wall will reduce your electricity bills. Building a raised bed garden or a greenhouse can supply you wish fresh vegetables almost for free. Installing energy-efficient light bulbs, new fridge, or even just a new paint saves you money or increases the value of your property. And the great thing is you can invest as much as you wish, in the way you want it. A sum of $500 is enough to bring significant improvement to your home when invested wisely.

10. Take a trip :)

I'm not joking. Instead of wondering how to multiply your money, spend them for fun by taking a short trip somewhere abroad. This will leave you memories for life, will refresh you, and will make you feel better. There is hardly a return better than this.

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