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Investment Opportunity Review: Market Correlation App

Here's a stable-looking and promising mobile application for backing up at Appbackr:

Opportunity type: pre-purchase, investing in mobile app, sequential payout


What Is It?

Market Correlation is mobile application for iPhone. It's intendend for investors so you may even be interested in using the app yourself. This application is already live on the iPhone Appstore and already has some positive reviews. So we have real usable and sellable product here unlike the case with iGenapps was.

Investment minimum: $23

Potential profits: 26%

Funding target: $22,500 total, $900 reserve

The reserve of this campaign has already been met! Which means if you back it, you are in the game - you'll win or lose.

Potential Of This Opportunity

This opportunity seems as lower risk to me compared to any non-launched app. The app is already selling in the store, it's proven to be sell-able and liked by users. Moreover, it's not yet another game or "calculate your zodiac" app, it's a useful tool for investors.

The application already has a website and blog. The money collected by the funding campaign will be used mostly for marketing and I think these guys have some idea how to do it.

Overall expectation: positive. I believe this is relatively low risk investment for the yield it could bring. They aren't looking for big amount and the whole campaign equals just few thousand copies.

This is not a financial or investment advice.

Published at Jan, 07 '13 , Read 2483 times.

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