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Dxinone system: Is This The Biggest Scam Ever Invented?

by Charles Cruz

Is the dxinone system the biggest scam invented? These are the questions some people ask themselves before they get started on ecurrency exchange.

The system by itself is rather complex to learn, you have to open several accounts, and once you do you have to manage your investment properly so you always maximize your profits. This is the main reason why some people claim the system is a scam, they don't know how it works.

Me, personally, I laugh whenever I hear about people saying some of the things they do. To them the world is always falling apart, yet, the dxinone system has been online for more than four years making all of it's traders good money. For example, I recently heard about a woman who started working with the system with $1,000 dollars, after seeing that it was growing, she took a chance and decided to invest $6,000 more. This was around 18 months ago, today, her portfolio is around the $300,000 mark. She already took her profits out (and much more) and she now has a no risk investment.

Some people will say that those amounts are too much money. I would agree, to some people starting with $6,000 or $10,000 dollars is too much money. This was the main reason when I started a campaign for everyone to see at my site, I started it with a 315 dollar investment. This was seven days ago, and today, my campaign has had a 54% return of investment. I don't know about you, but I would consider this to be getting a great return on my money.

There is indeed very good money to be made, and like someone told me when I was first starting with my main dxinone system campaign

"Start with the system today, don't waste your time because time is money. Let your money grow for a few months, and by the end of the year the dxinone system could easily be paying for your living expenses"

Learn about the ecurrency system properly, so you avoid those people who say it's a scam because of their ignorance, and you actually will have found a profitable opportunity that makes good money for you without much work.

There are two ways to get started: The fast way, you get a training program, you learn from it and in a couple of days you are up to speed on how the system actually works, although this takes money, there is no learning curve and you get support.

Number two, finding free resources online where you can learn from. This will be free, but it may take a while for you to find and process the right information to get started. Look at your current situation, and see if what is the best option for you, I'm sure that if you do get started, you will not be one of those people who were left out and now claim it's a "scam" because they never did the system for themselves and just believed the hype out there.

About the author:
I've writen detailed reviews for the best courses about e-currency trading, visit my site ( for the inside scoop on how to Invest in DXInone

Published at Mar, 01 '06 , Read 47115 times.

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User comments:

malks007 at Mar, 02 '06 14:12
I have been with DxinONe since August 2005. When one talks about returns in this venture we need to claify about real profit vs TDV (Total Digit Value). So if you were to cash out now on your $315 I do not believe there would be an actual 54% return on the investment. Any thoughts or questions, please let me know.
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sharonsopinion at Mar, 02 '06 20:34
I studied DXinOne by reviewing as much free information that I could and by studying a purchased training course. I concluded that now is not the right time to invest in DXinOne. The time to invest may have passed. First, having your TDV increase is not a true measure of ROI. The true measure of ROI is the out-of-pocket expense vs. the cash actually received in your bank or hands minus interest lost for unusable funds during the time you wait for money to transfer from DXinOne outxchange to an e-currency, then to your bank or ATM. Make sure that all processing fees are added on the input side and removed from the output side. (Note: OA fees paid by Available Funds count because they are from out-of-pocket, however OA fees from DXDebit do not count because they are internal to DXinOne.) With outXchanges taking months, making your funds that you want unavailable for interest/investing, the actual ROI is neglibile and possibly a negative. There is talk about using the money for the new advertising, but this is still not real cash in your bank. There are also extremely few merchants (count them on 1 hand?) that except DxGold in exhange for a product/service. If outXchanges ever start moving fast again, then real profits can be made, but this is doubtful. A sign that DXinOne is in trouble is all of the people in DXinOne desperately trying to sell their DXGold at a huge discount. If outXchange doesn't pick up, then the admin of DXinOne is sitting pretty, racking in continually higher OA fees. People aren't moving money out, so the OA fees keep growing and growing. To top it off, the admin limited the number of DXMerchants for dubious reasons. This slows down outXchanges even more. IF DXinOne is a scam, then it's one of the most clever scams I've ever seen. The admins never actually touched the money in inXchanges or outXchanges, so people won't blame them. The whole thing is a classic pyramid. However, they let the users rob Peter to pay Paul, instead of doing it themselves. If it wasn't a pyramid, then there would be a limit to supply. Instead of a supply limit, they just add more digots/DXGold. In addition, they add a bunch of new programs to intice people to bring even more money into the system. They are clever, clever people! JMHO - Sharon
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goldfinger01 at Mar, 03 '06 00:37
No question for me it is the smartest scam on the Internet: it was one of my first test investment when I discovered Hyip arena last June... No problem to put money in, but you actually need at least 8 weeks to withdraw 10 $ to Egols or E Bullion... The main point (IMO) is that the system is stupidly complicated in an Ecurrency world wher the rule tends to be speed and customer service. They self proclamated them "the future main E-currency center", but the business model was stupid and conducted to the actual situation !
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ace at Mar, 03 '06 04:25
IMHO, If u compare dxino with a classical hyip, like privateopps or goldrocks or sth, Dxino don't deserve ur money. Bcs if u invest ur money in dxino, u will not get decent roi in several months(to this cycle, almost over half a year). And professional ponzi player will get much more return in most hyip than he could get from Dxino. So, why leave dxino alone? But what if dxino is a serious prog, what if investor finally got decent roi in several years? What shoud I say? Ok, form the past half year, it is the truth that man could hardly got money out. But do u know why u can't get ur money out? Is it just because dx is a scam? For me, I really don't think so, I learned the essence of dx idea in the past 9 month. And I still don't think dx is a scam. Actrually, I am just instructing my downline ,who have no money at all, to earn some dxg first without investing. :) u needn't invest dxino now and u can got some small cash out if u do sth right. Certainly, not too much. But it's realy cash, I mean EG.:) And that money, imo, just a very tiny part of a huge digital market. And my downline earn a little through hard work. So why don't we give dxino more time? Let the future tell the truth-Is dxino a scam or not?
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wellspring at Mar, 09 '06 16:10
DxInOne is now using their own funds to outXchange. Why on earth would they do that if it were a scam. Why would they buy a hotel in Vanuatu and invite everyone to come? Why would they develop a multimillion dollar website? Wake UP Folks! Not everyone on the net is trying to rob you of your hard earned chump change. Wellspring
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lifevisions at Mar, 12 '06 04:24
I have been a DXmerchant back in 2004 and 2005. When the outx started to take months, I left the scam. Why is DXIO a scam ? They "pay" commissions with virtual money, created out of nothing. Can??t you see that ? I will give you the big picture easy understandable. Here it is: DXIO pays commissions for exchanging e-gold to DXgold and vice versa. The merchant gets more commission than what is paid from the customer for the exchange, right ? Where does the extra DXgold come from ? It comes from cyberspace. It is credited to your merchant-account when you do a real transaction. DXIO is "paying" you with new DXgold, created out of thin air. This is the reason why out-exchanges must necessarily take longer and longer. It needs new e-gold all the time to out-exchange the virtual created "earnings". Have you never thought about who is paying the programmers and managers of DXIO ? Are they paid from mysterious donators hidden somewhere ? No. They control the software and they just credit DXgold to their own accounts and list out-exchanges. They put their own outx-requests at the top of the queue and get all the nice e-gold from their victims, the merchants. They pay their victims with new DXgold, created out of nothing. The crooks can take as much e-gold as they like. They just type 2000 new DXgold into their account and list an out-exchange. It is processed first and they have 2000.-Dollars worth of gold on their e-gold-account. This is printing money out of the DXgold-heaven. And many merchants promote the scam because they still believe it is a good business. A few days ago I discovered a clever merchant who is selling training courses for DXIO worldwide on the net for $299.- . He promises you that you will double your investment within 45 days with DXIO. He has the secret knowledge how to do it. I called him and asked about the 3 months waiting time for out-exchanges. He said that he has a secret to do it faster. What a liar. Oh, I forgot one thing: maybe he is one of the crooks behind DXIO who does not only cash from the system like described above, but cashing for the training-course too. Crooks.
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goldfinger01 at Mar, 16 '06 11:01
I share your analysis ! Thisis one of the smartest SCAM on the Internet !
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Erika Turner at Dec, 17 '06 20:29
hi,could tell me if this dxinone system really works...I have been debating about getting Gary's video training but can't make up my mind..if I apply my money into this system dxinone will I be able to make money and withdraw my profits???help..thanks.
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clifton at Dec, 18 '06 03:45
Hi Erika, if DXinone is really scam I am not sure it is a good idea to invest there
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Eugene Cooley at Aug, 13 '07 12:36
Dxin one IS WITHOUT A DOUBT THE BIGGEST SCAM EVER. @ years ago I join it and sent in 300.00 Now the last time I was able to get into there website I was in the hole. I cant even get hold of anyone and I no several people who have lost all also. They are robbing the small invester knowing that there is nothing they can do about it. And being a small invester most sooner or later just write it off as a loss. I may never be able to get my money back but I do travel a lot and if I ever get over there where its located I WILL KICK SOMEBODIES ASS.
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Zaffir Iqbal at Oct, 10 '07 21:20
I invested quite a bit in dxinone with all my heart. But I am very very sad and mad to find out they have not even sent me my $500 from the total of $3000 I have in there. It has been over 8 months and no money to my egold. I hope to God that what goes around comes around. I have given up on them, patiently hoping they would get their act together and pay quickly. I do not believe they will ever pay. Never!
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Michelle Provitola at Oct, 29 '07 23:38
I stupidly invested because my boyfriend at the time said it was the greatest thing next to sliced bread. I have not been able to figure out how to close the account. I don't even know how to use the is just sitting there in cyberspace...I look at it every now and again since he left just two years ago. So I would have to say I have waited two years for an exchange.....My fear is will I eventually be taxed on this bogas ecurrancy scam that I can't even tap into. Does anyone have thought?
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Sam at Dec, 28 '07 19:01
I'm lucky to know all about this, all the comments.There is really hard to find the real company and with the right information. But before we want to invest, make a full study and analyze the result.Compare and make action,invest or no to invest. To all people who want to find real investment,visit and study at and Make the real profits with the real company that you heard and well known for many years like, coca-cola,exxon,caterpillar,google,nokia,toyota,Mcdeermott Inc.,etc... Make profits for many years with giant company!
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zaffir at Dec, 29 '07 06:19
They have not paid me my $200 since 16 months now. What are you talking about. If it's not a scam then what is it?
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sam at Dec, 29 '07 08:43
You still don't get it.Read carefully, understand and make action.I'm talking about other opportunity to make money!dxinone is a scam! it is just a bussiness, you pay the system enroll the dxinone, and the get your money.Just for get it..
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Eugene Cooley at Dec, 29 '07 10:24
well I dont know about you but I invested 300 dollars over 2 years ago and tried to manage it as I was taught but at the end of two years my portfolio was 0 dollars. I sent a thread to them and in a few days a miricle happened. They put 298 dollars back into my account. Still after 2 years I have no profits and I cant even withdraw any funds, so you go figure.
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Michelle at Dec, 29 '07 16:24
I still have not figured out how to even close the account and of course there are no REAL people to ask. No telephone numbers to call! Now what is up with that. Please be educated before you in invest....And what is it your investing anyway!! Ask that question? What is a digit anyway?
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Steve at Apr, 19 '13 09:08
Yes this is the biggest scam ever! I invested a large sum of money in this when it first hit the internet. I studied it for a long time and was able to manuvoure my way around the complex system making investments and money. Then all of a sudden as soon as I wanted to withdraw a small amount of my money I found I was unable to do so. All manor of problems and excuses were put before me to stop me getting to my money. Then I hear that the guy who set it all up was up before the grand Jury investigation into tax evasion, money laundering, and a whole host of nasty and illegal business. Its been 4 years since I invested and I still am unable to get my money back and my account seems to have just vanished into the cyber mists. Dont' touch it or go anywhere near it no matter how good it looks or how good people may say it is, it's a BIG BIG SCAM!!!!
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Steve W at Dec, 17 '17 11:11
I invested $1500 back in 2005 and shortly thereafter the system shut down and 12 years later the perpetrator who started it all is nowhere to be found. Should have invested that money into Bitcoin a few years later.
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Steve W at Dec, 17 '17 11:12
BTW - the guy who recommended DXinOne was Matt Gagnon, who I believe got 5 years for SEC fraud.
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