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Let me scam you...

by Tony Clifton

It so easy to scam people of the net and to stay unrevealed. here are two popular scam strategies which work perfect. Hey, this is not a scammers tutorial! The more people know about these strategies the less will be scammed by them.

"Gimme the bonus!"
I see the thiefs doing this again and again and people keep getting scammed. The strategy of giving bonuses is usually used when the ponzi does not perform very well or it is giving too low returns to the owner. This strategy is used when the program is near its end and the admin is planning to run away with our money. Few examples:
- Xian Li offered a "bonus" short term program - 25% monthly and principal back. While after that he disappeared
- PlayWithGold offered crazy bonuses for new deposits few days before they ran away
- Weekly interest (a major scam of the past) offered a VIP program for these who deposit more than 1k. While before that the same program offered bonuses for posting good ratings.

And there are many more examples for that. Should you see a program offering bonuses for larger deposits or ratings, consider it ready to go. I am not even discussing if these programs are scam - the real programs won't think for offering bonuses.

"I'll give back your principal... but later!"
There is one very simple and very effective strategy to scam people. Imagine i offer you 20% monthly and your principal back after 6 months. You give me 1k and i'll give you $200 each month. Even if you are the only my investor i have no problem paying you 4 months! Then at the 5th month i'll run away since i must make some profit 8-) You see, with such a strategy you can even survive without new spends. There are a lot of programs out there who use it - "we pay 6% daily for 15 days and return your principal at the end". Hey, they have no problems paying 15 days, but they won't give your principal! Such a program ensures 2 things:
1. to run without a problem for the minimum period regardless of the amount of new spends
2. to get good amount of "paid" posts since it will be really paying such high rates without a problem
When looking at new programs you should always prefer these which don't hold your principal - either available for withdrawal or included in the returns. Make your calculations and avoid programs which will pay you long time without actually make profits - unless these are well known and proven programs of course.

Read more about internet scams.

Published at Oct, 04 '05 , Read 7464 times.

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