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Scammer's portrait: The "God" Mac

by Tony Clifton

There are programs and persons which turn into such a cult so the investors keep talking about them months or even years later.
This story is about the cults, the thiefs, the stupidity and the greed. It is about Mac, the admin of International Trading, yet IT4US, a major scam folded this Spring and brought away to New Zeland (or to Hell?) millions of stollen dollars from arround 22,000 "investors".
The readers with common sense could be amazed seing how naive can be some people.

IT4Us appeared on the scene at the end of 2004 offering amazing returns and having very interested and complicated structure. IT "investment" were formed like "trades". You were purchasing a "portal" and making a "trade". The trade, depending on the portal was "maturing" in 15 days, 30 days or 90 days. The return were 150% pure profit in 15 days, 250% pure profit in 30 days and 350% in 90 days or something very similar to that. And this ponzi survived about 6 month with these crazy returns!

How did this happened? Here is the contribution of the "God" Mac. He was a great manipulator capable to misslead thousands of people with long pompous messages, complicated explanations and friendly reveals about the program strategy. He and his lackeys were explaining extremly funny things about how their traders trade Forex and win so much because they do not close loosing positions. Probably every reasonable forex trader would roll on the floor laughing, but instead of this everyone was blinded by Mac's words and the rivers of cash.

The ponzi keeped paying at these crazy rates 6 months, how could anyone convince people that this is a scam? Any pyramid scheme offering such returns crash in a month or two. The supporters were too strong. Mac was posting update after update, inflated bullshits about fighting the poverty of the entire world, hiring all the investors in the management of his "great" plan. He had indeed hired some of them - i remember the respected at that time member and moderator of HYIPDiscussion forum - "Surfformillions" - were supporting Mac and explaining the trading strategy. He was preparing to go to New Zeland where to take part in the program and work for the entire world's wealth. He probably really believed that. Almost everyone believed Mac, maybe because Mac himself believed he was God.

IT4US cult is so strong and continues today. Go in Talkgold or HYIPDiscussion and check IT4US folders. Some people still wait for them to come back. Other are even dreaming and reporting payments.

The cults are one of the worst things in the HYIP world. Wehave seen so many people and millions of cash burned by the cults. But the worse thing is that we see the cults again today - think about Midas from RM or maybe even Matthew Calder... ?

Learn more about scam and fraud.

Published at Oct, 18 '05 , Read 2281 times.

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