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HYWD Issue 42

This week we are going to continue and finish our website investing case study with the part 2 of the article. There is also another post about making similar consistent returns - 3%-6% monthly. Better leave these ponzies and concentrate on such things. But anyway, if you like ponzi playing, there are still 5 free positions in HYWD risky fund.

Issue 42 inside:

- In Focus: Investing in websites, Part II
- Fast look at 5 programs
- How to make a consistent 3% to 6% every month
- Internet Scams Add to Worries of Online Banks
- An Introduction to Currency Correlation
- Issue 42 Reader's Digest
- Victoria Picks: Rich Twin, Poor Twin

Published at Mar, 30 '06 , Read 4291 times.

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User comments:

attila at Mar, 31 '06 21:41
i suggest u just join the 60 day plan,put in min $10....just treat it as gamble.if the plan failed,u lose $10,but if the plan worked u earn $111.83....10 x your capital.
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malks007 at Apr, 01 '06 09:18
I have joined the VIP and have been paid so far 2 times on schedule. $1500 each pay out.
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pebbles at Apr, 03 '06 15:21
Anybody know what's going on with Investdot? Site has been down all day. Now I got a "bad gateway" error. Thanks, Tom
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clifton at Apr, 03 '06 15:48
It loads slowly for me, but I can't log in. However i got a withdrawal just few hours ago. Hopefully it is just a server problem
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pebbles at Apr, 03 '06 16:44
Seems ok now. Hopefully just a false alarm - more DDOS interruption. Tom
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