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Scammer's Portrait: Robert, "The Puppeteer"

by Tony Clifton

"Robert Vaughn" was the owner of the fresh scam Private Opps. Some people are still waiting for "Robert" to come back and pay their "contracts". When the program is here and paying everyone claims to have all the Due Diligence in the world, but when they are gone noone can even get a mail in responce. Sounds familiar, doesn't it?

Private Opps (, site no longer available) appeared in the Autumn of 2005 - the beginning of the september. There were several funds offering from 0.4% to 1.4% daily - we have reviewed this program some time ago, suggesting that it is a ponzi here. Most of the scam signs were pointed there and you can see reading the comments how people didn't want to believe why p-opps "story" did not make sense.

Private Opps scam was based simply on nothing - there was no trading proof of course (everything was secret!), no name and address based Due Diligence like in MPDW, no debit cards or buildings, nothing. And still it succeeded in taking from several hundred thousands to several millions of dollars (the exact amount is not known) from the HYIP investors.

All they had was a professional website, SSL and of course fast and prompt payments. Ah yes, and puppets. "Robert Vaughn" didn't care to discuss his program in public forums or to interact too much with the investors - the only thing he made was the interview published in HYIP Navigator where he of course did not say anything concrete regarding how does he generate the attractive profits.

Al the other work was done by his puppets - the investors ready to say everything in order to protect their favourite, paying 12% referal commission program. They were spreading threads like this one claiming that it is "Due Diligence". They were defending and explaining how possible is to generate the income with the given contracts. Robert didn't need to explain anything. I received comments from people who were explaining about their friends making millions buying and selling domain names (justifying DOMAINS.I contracts), how their uncles makes many more than their ROI in Forex etc, etc. If you are a newbie it is not hard to be fooled by such people and this is what really happen.

The "contracts" based system was allowing them to refuse any attempts to get more information about generating the income - they explained that the contracts are protected with NDA (sounds familiar?) and therefore they can't disclopse anything.

Robert, the Puppeteer, made a fantastic scam without much efforts. Several thousands spend on a quality website and servers and smart move to offer tasty referal commssion of 12%.

It was nor hard to know that PO is a fraudient business - let's sum in short:

- crazy referal commission
- too high profits
- demonstrates knowledge in everything - making "contracts" in all business areas - simply not realistic for one person to find good deals everywhere.
- never shown proof of any trading or 'contracts'.

Robert was too successful scammer to give up now. He will create another program or he may have already created it. You will recognize it by the good site and high referal commission - he needs puppets to help him running it. And he will find them.

Picture from

Published at Apr, 26 '06 , Read 2153 times.

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