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Why RealityMillions IS SCAM

by Tony Clifton

Ok, i really lost my patience with this one. RealityMillions appears to be the worst bubble in the HYIP industry for the last few years. My advice to everyone is to try getting their money back from it (although there is no way right now) and to take action in order "midas" to be caught.

What we have seen from RM since they are online? Lies, lies, lies.

Lie #1 is that they will turn your $49 into 3 millions for 3 years. As ou already have seen this will never happen.

Lie #2 is that e-gold ripped them with $200,000

Lie #3 is that they were going to be online with their new site at July 4th.

Lie #4 is that they perform Due diligence. I will tell you the truth - RM is going to perform Identity Theft! DO NOT submit your info to them!

Lie #5 is that those who don't want to submit their docs will be refunded. Do you see a link to ask for refund? We shall all wait until they decide to do the refund. I don't think they ever will.

The RM lies never end. They asked us not to discuss the program in forums, not to write about it, not to do anything. RM is the ugliest sad ponzi i have ever seen.

Lie #6 is that RM is professional company. What a joke, they can't even make a simple website without it being full of script and grammatical errors. Their design is done worse than a kid would do it. If this is a professional work, i would like to see an amateur's one 8-)

If your husband or wife lies you so much would you still be with them? Would you? Think about it.

Let us hope RM will never happen again.

Learn more about internet scams.

Published at Jul, 16 '05 , Read 3184 times.

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