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Forex and Day Trading

If you are tired from HYIP scams, this section will suggest you some options for real trading and investing. We are selecting the best educational programs and forex trading platforms. Trade yourself and don't be scammed anymore.

Managed Forex Accounts

With current minimum of $10,000 and over than 100% yearly ROI, GalleonFX is probably the best managed forex account service available at the moment. If you want to join, you do need a referrer - use mbongwe as your referrer. You can read full review of Galleon here.

Trading DVD - Pick of the month

Becoming a Disciplined Trader: Techniques for achieving peak trading performance with Ari Kiev; Produced by Traders' Library,US

This time we have choosen this great DVD, which is an excellent and easy way to understand how to manage with your emotions and take wise decisions. Don't expect that this DVD will make you the best trader in the world - the real key is in you. However "Becoming a Disciplined Trader" is a must have if you are planning to trade for living.

Here is what David Silverman "market maven" says about this DVD:

"Jacket Description from DVD case:
Every trader has, at some point, let emotions guide their trading - usually resulting in costly results. The most successful traders will even tell you that the discipline they were forced to embrace as a result, was the key to their future trading success. Now, Trading to Win author Dr. Ari Kiev brings his personal coaching workshop into your own home, so you can develop the skills it takes to be a cool, collected, and consistently successful trader.

This interactive course will help you remove the emotional component involved in making buy/sell decisions. He'll coach you on the best ways to deal with the stress, anxiety, and adrenaline rush that's a by-product of daily market activity. And you'll learn the same methods he's trained thousands of professional traders to employ as they triumph over the psychological problems facing every active trader.

Reduce your emotional discomfort and increase your trading profits as you learn to:
 Trade less emotionally, and more strategically.
 Identify the major stress triggers in trading.
 Recognize - and overcome - the psychological habits that keep you from achieving maximum performance.
 Be honest with yourself - rather than masking your trading anxieties.
 Reduce the influence of greed by setting targets - and learning to stick to them.

You'll find winning methods for resolving problems when working with a trading partner, and learn to challenge yourself without also elevating your level of stress. Leading hedge funds turn to Kiev when they need to master emotions on the path to consistent trading success - and so should you."


FOREX Trading

Live Trading Accounts.
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FOREX Signals and Education

FX Universal is REMOVED because the real results of their signal service do not match the advertised results. We will search for a honest and successful signal provider and then add it here

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