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HotSpot: Udachu Accused In Money Landering


Check out the following article: You're The - Diamond Smuggling and Money Laundering in Panama

Obviously the article contains some inaccuracies. Rod Spiller is not 24 years old and giving a link to article (even if it is HansG's article in this case) does not prove something is a ponzi. Also the author is quite fast to conclude that Spiller is a day trader just by reading the comments in

On the other hand, the information is real, there is really a problem with the diamonds on the Panama custom. If you are a member of Udachu Group you can check their forum ( for some explanation about the problem and choose if to believe it or not.

There are some other interesting points in tha article, but what will be interesting for the investors is how (and if at all) will this problem affect the ROI of the Udachu programs in the following month. Add to this the transaction process they are currently in and the hacking problems with BlueBanking card, happened recently.

What do you think about the Panama Guide article and do you think it will affect the ROI? (feel free to use the comment link, hint, hint, wink, wink)

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Published at Nov, 06 '06 , Read 71474 times.

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User comments:

at Nov, 07 '06 12:37
_ This is some articles regarding the guy who wrote the article on Rod (not udachu btw). Please do know that Udachu is never mentioned in the real articles from the other newspapers (thats btw are corrupted). _____ ive=&start_from=&ucat=11& _____ Also pls read what they have to say about the newspapers coverning the story. Don is a shady guy thats for sure. There was no money landering.
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clifton at Nov, 07 '06 14:33
Thanks for your input, Adam. I edited the first link as it did not work, I am assuming this one now is correct
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adamswe at Nov, 08 '06 10:14 Same guy who wrote the first article. The reason that I posted this is cos the first article had like 1000 visitors and this one has 61 atm. Spread the words folks! ;) . I quote him: "To this point I have heard some positive feedback from independent sources who tell me that this organization has traders working who are actually making investments and earning an income for their clients. And so far I have not heard about or been contacted by a "victim" who has been unable to recover their investment"
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adamswe at Nov, 09 '06 21:20
Apparently, the returns was not affected as the trading had nothing to do with the incident nor Udachu. The results for October trading is out and looks very good as usual. Regards Adamswe
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clifton at Nov, 10 '06 05:50
What is the exact figure, Adam? I believe the program is still open for new investors, so probably it is not a secret? Also, how is Udachu Invest going? I heard the accounts are still pending and no ROI is posted, can anyone confirm or deny?
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adamswe at Nov, 21 '06 16:07
hmmm it seems that my last reply on this is gone.. Anyway the last return was double digits.. Its all I can say.. Yes accounts is pending until everything with the conversion is done, hopefully this is to be completed next year.. :) regards adam adarisb at
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Ed at Feb, 20 '08 19:06
It is now clear that Udachu was a Ponzi scheme run by Rod Spiller and his family and a few insiders. Even the die hard cheerleaders like Adamswe and Moabman - Mike Hirsch have stopped trying to bullshit everyone to make a dishonest commission, but still will not admit they caused harm to investors. Rod's MO was to say "sorry, this investment failed", but he made every one of more than a dozen investments fail so he could stash the money in his offshore bank accounts. I hope the southern vigilantes or Russian mofia get him before the police do.
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Don Winner at Mar, 20 '08 17:33
Let this be a lesson to you. I am Don Winner, the owner and editing manager of, who investigated, wrote, and published the articles on Rod Spiller and Udachu. It's nice to be vindicated. "Shady character?" I'm still right here, while Rod is running from the feds. Check out the following links: and
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clifton at Mar, 21 '08 03:38
Thanks for reminding about Udachu scam, Don. I knew you would be right at the end. Hope FBI will catch this piece of shit and put him in the jail forever.
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Don Winner at Mar, 09 '10 08:10
Well what I reported I found out is not true I just make up the events to protect myself. I unfortunately have been involved in some questionable activities myself. So I can't point a finger to good crooks.
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Don Winner at Mar, 09 '10 08:46
The comments above were not actually posted by me, but rather they were posted by a sick and obsessed individual named Jerry Ray Hall who is trying to impersonate me and cause harm to my good name and reputation. See: or Google "Jerry Ray Hall". He's a nutcase. And by the way, Rod Spiller is still out there, operating out of Florida, doing similar scams. Every time I find him he closes up shop and runs. Don Winner Managing Editor and Owner
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