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Published at Aug, 20 '05 , Read 52575 times.

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User comments:

henky at Dec, 25 '05 21:28
Hello Mr. Clifton. What do you think about the book sold at Is it really useful? Wait for your opinion. Thank you!
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clifton at Dec, 26 '05 03:54
Henky, I haven't read the book myself because i lack time to do it. All i know is that this advertiser is (she is our regular customer) is always carefully selecting her offers. So i am assuming the book is worth the money, but of course i couldn't guarantee without reading it
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henky at Dec, 26 '05 17:39
Ok, thank you Mr. Clifton. Thanks a lot!
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stephen at Jan, 06 '06 01:15
Have you research "Risk Free Profit" yet? This seems to be a good opportunity, but more prefer trading it myself instead. Also confuse on which software is good besides "Risk Free Profit".
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clifton at Jan, 06 '06 02:38
is in issue 20: However have in mind this was done 10 weeks ago and some things could be changed Regards Tony
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wackydo at Feb, 01 '06 14:46
Hi, Do you have any info on this plan? I looked for a search function and failed to find it. Hope someone can help. regards Tony
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clifton at Feb, 01 '06 15:25
It must be just a ponzi and already is online for too long. Better stay away from it. I guess the figures for deposits/withdrawals are fake
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Autopilot at Feb, 12 '06 12:37
hey you recommended extra-surf and now they won't pay. I tried to cash out and never received a measly $4. you should warn people that is a scam. The funny thing is you labeled 12dp as a scam but they pay (before the scampay debacle of course) and extra-surf is good but they are a scam. makes me wonder just how credible you are. thanks for nothing autopilot
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clifton at Feb, 12 '06 14:15
As you see, extra-surf is no longer recommended. The Stormpay dirty play affected many autosurf programs. I am sorry for not being able to predict that, but i forgot my crystal ball. Our scam warnings are about major scams like 12DP, not about little ones.
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dadndave at Feb, 20 '06 02:26
Hi Clifton, brand new to your program, My question relates to the habit of HYIP programs listing the usernames of their top ten investors. I joined one a couple of days ago and made a spend which took me to the top of their list, and within a few hours someone was trying to crack my password, and I was locked out of my account. Is this a common problem, or was I just unlucky? (Or lucky to have a difficult password to crack)
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clifton at Feb, 20 '06 02:38
I am sure many "hackers" who try to guess the password of the top investors. You may not believe, but some people use their username as a password :) But if yours is difficult, nothing to worry imho
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yllen at Feb, 20 '06 07:03
Are you guys in Bulgaria? Grandiosno!
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clifton at Feb, 20 '06 07:13
But not all :) Vicky is from Slovakia and Alfredo from Argentina :)
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yllen at Feb, 21 '06 02:10
Hello, will be coming in a couple of weeks to Bulgaria to view some real estate. My program is very packed but so I guess is yours, but could we find a couple of minutes for a coffe o boza?
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clifton at Feb, 21 '06 05:34
Will try, friend, why not :) You can drop me a line on email :)
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malks007 at Mar, 06 '06 09:16
Hi: I was looking to invest with them, they seem to be paying. But I came across some info that I addressed to the management of solidinvestment and they did not respond. They have there domaine name up for sale.( I odnt recall the site that has it for sale) I wanted to know why they would sell there name if they wanted to continue doing business. Good luck.
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clifton at Mar, 06 '06 09:25
I think I saw solidinvestment labeled as scam on the forums
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investorsk at Mar, 13 '06 13:57
Hi, I just signed up on this website. I would like to ask you who is Vicky? I'm also from Slovakia so I'm interested in speaking with her.
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clifton at Mar, 13 '06 14:35
You can drop her email at
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yllen at Mar, 17 '06 02:38
I just came back after an exhausting trip to Bulgaria. The real estate is there, the economic potential for growth is there, we are plunging straight ahead.
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Braveheart at Mar, 24 '06 02:52
Hi, I'm a newbie here. Been spending hours for the last 3 months researching to find that needle in a haystack. Learned alot but still not investing yet. Check out this site at They even insure 80-90% of your principal. I sent them 2 e-mails and still no reply. Ain't that a red flag? Appreciate your commments... Thanks..
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clifton at Mar, 24 '06 03:41
The ROI which this program offers is too high and strongly suggests that it is a ponzi. Interestingly they have 57 changes of their who-is info: But looking that they are created only 2 months ago it has probably to stay arround for a while. My advice is to gamble it with the weekly program only - once or twice and with no more money than you can risk of course. I believe if you step in right now you can make at least 2 weekly profits. That program could live longer of course, but you mentioned being a newbee and I don't want to give you bad advice Before doing anything however search in the monitors if it is currently paying
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leejeff at Mar, 24 '06 07:24
I am new to this any info on this investment program. Is it worth investing in now. Thanks
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clifton at Mar, 24 '06 07:32
What's the URL leejeff?
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leejeff at Mar, 24 '06 09:09 Sorry, forgot to put that in.
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clifton at Mar, 24 '06 09:51
Looks like brand new program. Not very impressive, but i think at 2.5% daily the chance to make profits is good. Just don't invest more than you can risk
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leejeff at Mar, 24 '06 09:55
Do you know of any other investment programs worth getting in now.
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clifton at Mar, 24 '06 10:49
Check out Recommended Hyips section, Leejeff. Also the "5 fast HYIP reviews" article prepared from Alfredo Todes each week aims to find some good programs. You can also visit our partners from href= target=_blank>Only Good HYIPs
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leejeff at Mar, 24 '06 11:55
Anyone familiar with this one. Is it worth giving a try
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pointbusiness at Mar, 24 '06 13:22
Clifton, I have looked at this one and done some reading on the forums. I am an experienced HYIP investor. What are your reasons for doing a test spend into investdot? What caught your eye? Thanks. Greg
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clifton at Mar, 24 '06 15:52
Just the quite good site (design, SSL and all that), Greg, the flexible compounding and the good popularity it is getting. I don't think it is a real business if that is what you are asking, but i believe it will stay for a while. I am planning to remove the recomendation at the end of april unless some things arize
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sharonsopinion at Mar, 25 '06 18:56
Any ideas about why Only Good HYIPs is still showing closed programs, such as Creative Traders, as promising and paying? IMO it's hard to trust a monitoring site that isn't up-to-date.
Reply to this comment
clifton at Mar, 26 '06 02:06
Looks like Alfredo has overlooked that one. I got in touch with him and he moved into scam. The service is still in beta, but i hope he'll be more careful with the updates
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allanbmw at Mar, 27 '06 19:36
I guess for me this email today was like red flags in Red Square on May Day! Just thought some of you would be intersted. March 27, 2006, 5:58pm EST Dear Participant, After much consideration and as a direct result of the recent difficulties we have been experiencing due to spammers and DDoS attackers, PrivateOpps is finally going private! We consider this step as an opportunity to further improve our service to existing members, and continue to operate without any interruptions by malicious users who want to see us (and your money) disappear. Therefore, effective immediately, we do not accept new members until further notice. Perhaps next month we will re-open our doors on an invite-only basis, but for now we wish to focus on serving our existing 6,300+ members. This morning we have begun to work on a secure, private, web-based interface for all existing members to use, replacing our current public website and members area. To protect the new platform from malicious users, access will be granted to existing members only (based on a unique Username/Password for each member) through our very own offshore Virtual Private Network (VPN) servers. This will finally stop all DDoS attacks and service interruptions due to false spam reports. We have put all resources into launching it as quickly as possible, and we estimate that the new platform will become available to existing members early next week (April 5th at the latest). During this one-week period, we will keep our regular website offline, as it will most likely continue to attract various attacks and thus slow us down significantly. This means that access to accounts will also be temporarily unavailable - as well as Unit redemptions, purchases, deposits, and withdrawals - until we move to the new private servers. Please keep in mind that the private clubs will continue to operate as usual, and interest will be paid Monday through Friday as it always has. Unit redemption orders that are currently pending will be processed as scheduled, but, of course, the funds will only be available for withdrawal when we are back up. The past week and a half have been very stressful for us, and I'm sure many of you feel the same. We wish to thank you all for your continued patience and support. We look forward to a prosperous year and the peace of mind that the new system will give us all. Please check our website next week for any updates (it may, however, be unavailable at times as Internet Service Providers continue to take it down after receiving false spam reports). In any way, be rest assured that we are very much alive and continue to work on PrivateOpps' future. We will keep everyone posted (via email) about our progress as we enter the weekend. Yahoo/MSN users: remember to check your Bulk/Spam folder often, as sometimes our emails end up there. Also note that our Support Desk will most likely be very busy answering emails in the next few days, which may result in unusually long delays in getting back to you (2-4 days). See you soon at our new private platform! Best regards, Robert Vaughn Operations Manager
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slim at Mar, 27 '06 21:20
Do you think they will be back next week? I've got some skin in the game. Slim
Reply to this comment
leejeff at Mar, 29 '06 06:39
Do you think it is too late to get in this one for the 60 day option?
Reply to this comment
clifton at Mar, 29 '06 06:56
I think i already saw reports for non payments in the forums. Better skip this one
Reply to this comment
slim at Mar, 29 '06 10:37
Having trouble getting into there site. Anyone else?
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clifton at Mar, 29 '06 12:06
Their site is temporary unaccessible. They sent an announce about it. I have published a copy on the href=>B...
Reply to this comment
leejeff at Mar, 29 '06 12:33
Is anyone familiar with this program
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gisfrancisco at Mar, 30 '06 18:53
When you look on the forums and see a claim someone is not paid,they are NooBs not understanding the TOS.They do not pay on weekends nor US-Belize hollidays.I've been in the program some time now and there is no one who hasn't been paid. Looking for the paying HYIPs
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pebbles at Mar, 31 '06 09:15
Does anyone have on opinion on or any experience with Best Safe Invest? Thanks, Tom
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attila at Mar, 31 '06 21:46
hi there... u can read all abt fast percent at it's one of my recommended hyip, long term
Reply to this comment
attila at Mar, 31 '06 21:47
if u put in $10,u only lose that amount but if the plan works,u get $111.83...think abt risk,no gain..
Reply to this comment
attila at Mar, 31 '06 21:50
u can check it out at i always look out for gd reliable hyip...check the site regularly coz i always update them....u cn pm me if u hv q
Reply to this comment
attila at Mar, 31 '06 21:54
i just check them out.i find it gd and stable..i plan to invest there too..want to hv a joint venture ? i also a newbie but i hv joined out some of gd hyip...u can find them at
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theeagle98 at Apr, 10 '06 11:49
Did not pay for April 1. Probably will lose the test investment. Too bad some people have to lie, cheat and steal. JW
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theeagle98 at Apr, 10 '06 11:50
Can anyone who has really been paid comment on this one?
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gdubsuk at Apr, 11 '06 05:37
Have been in this program since February 2006 and have been paid on time every time. It is one of the few programs I can say this for. I do not know how long it can go on for, but I hope they are on the level. I had an early problem with my egold being hacked and SI helped me out. I cannot of course say the same for egold, I get the impresssion they are in business to help the hackers. They replied to early emails from me and then SILENCE and now do not answer. Can also say I have had success with IFC; pay well!
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leejeff at Apr, 11 '06 08:23
Is it worth investing in this one.
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clifton at Apr, 11 '06 08:58
Probably. Its definitely risky, but you may make some profits.
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leejeff at Apr, 13 '06 08:48
Has anyone heard of this one. I was thinking of joining
Reply to this comment
clifton at Apr, 13 '06 09:04
A very good one so far. Of course its a ponzi, but i decided to put some bucks.
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gisfrancisco at Apr, 17 '06 20:11
I have two accounts and they are paid every day.Been in one since nov 05, and i'm so far in the money, i can't be beat at this time.Instead of re-inventing the wheel,i just try to roll the one's already invented. Looking for the paying HYIPs
Reply to this comment
gisfrancisco at Apr, 17 '06 20:17
I put in 100 with the strong fund(34% in 14 Days)6 days left til payout,will post results. Looking for the paying HYIPs
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malks007 at Apr, 20 '06 10:00
I have been paid twice but my 3rd $1500 was do and admin says in e mail that DDOS is a concern and they cant pay large amounts out. I wrote back and said then pay me in 4 smaller amounts. They said NO. Seems there money is running dry.
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theeagle98 at May, 09 '06 13:23
JW No payment for April and now non for May. What a bust this one is.
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Jeffrey S. Haggerty at Jun, 27 '07 17:45
You keep on discussing Galleon FX, but there minimum is way too high. Fusionats is a managed account and I'm receiving a 9% per week return with a deposit minimum grossly less?
Reply to this comment
clifton at Jun, 28 '07 02:06
Jeffrey, Fusionats does not accept new funds unfortunately. But 9% per week? Is that fixed?
Reply to this comment
Jeffrey S. Haggerty at Jun, 28 '07 07:19
Clifton, They will be accepting funds again real soon! The returns are not fixed.
Reply to this comment
clifton at Jun, 28 '07 07:42
Hi Jeff, thanks a lot, I'll be looking further for their reopening
Reply to this comment
Jeffrey S. Haggerty at Jun, 28 '07 07:50
Clifton, Besides making money on the returns, there is a membership pool that everyone will have access to and receive a piece of that money as well. As an agent you also receive a generous commission on people who become members. Should you decide to join please use my link of Fusionats is still ironing out some details until they become fully operational. Thank you, Jeff
Reply to this comment
clifton at Jun, 28 '07 07:53
Great Jeff, I'll definitely join once it's active. The link does not work when clicking, but i figured out it is this:
Reply to this comment
flash at Oct, 10 '07 13:20
seems as though Legisi has disappeared???
Reply to this comment
clifton at Oct, 10 '07 13:57
Well, Legisi was scam, so no surprise for me
Reply to this comment
optix at Nov, 02 '07 11:59
Tony, if you have some time would you please check out ? The site looks kinda crappy but every hyip monitor shows they have been paying for close to a year now. This may be a good program to look into. I figured I might ask you what you thought about it
Reply to this comment
clifton at Nov, 02 '07 12:51
I'll forward this to Alfredo for fast review, Optix, it is a HYIP so it goes there
Reply to this comment
sundar at Nov, 19 '07 02:04
i really happy to read comment and i am interested to share my comments
Reply to this comment
Doug Bray at Jan, 10 '08 07:36
has CobexTrade gone belly up??????? No contact on web site I guess we have lost our money---lesson learned.
Reply to this comment
tackicia at Feb, 20 '08 13:19
i think this is a good business and ican be helpful but i dont know whats wrong now
Reply to this comment
winnie at Mar, 20 '08 05:48
I was a member of Minvestment and I would be pleased to know what you are doing with the former investers. Thankyou for your time
Reply to this comment
Ferry Smit at Jul, 20 '10 01:30
MESSAGE FROM A CLIENT OF SPORTARBS: Ferry Smit This message is going around the world now! Message from Sportarbs: Unreliable 'payment system' Perfect Money. Dragonara - an unreliable service vendor. Giving a splendid investment opportunity, we staked on a rapidly developing and convenient payment system Perfect Money. We chose this particular payment system for payments to our clients due to multiple factors. Among them: - Multilanguage interface and clients support; - work with offshore companies; - 24/7 available web-site of the payment system; - no negative experience of other companies using PM for payments to their clients. We started to accumulate a stabilization fund to be secured against any situations of stress. This stabilization fund was placed on a Perfect Money account. This was considered before the most safe location for stabilization fund as the money was taken care - as we considered before - by financial experts. As the stabilization fund has been accumulating and the work went well, Perfect Money was happy with everything. When we started the reform to improve the quality of our services and we required significant amounts from our stabilization fund, we started to withdraw some part of our funds at Perfect Money to our corporate bank account. Then Perfect Money stated that our business is unfair and we don't pay money to our investors. However, all of you know that we started a reform and all of you know that any reform requires money. Perfect Money locked our accounts and notified that all money will be distributed among investors. We have no idea of basis on which they decided to distribute money. And we absolutely don't understand how a payment system may behave so arbitrary. This is nothing else but an arbitrariness, as there is neither court decision, nor negotiations with our investors, nor anything else. Obviously, that Perfect Money is a non-liquid company due to some reasons, like: - internal problems of Perfect Money resulting in excessive expenses, - locking of Perfect Money accounts by banks, with which this payment system cooperates; and so on. Perfect Money can't announce these problems in public as they will directly show their non-liquidity. That's why they chose to lock the some accounts in order to recover their liquidity. This is a very dangerous trend. Recently Dragonara locked our server and made a redirect to a page saying that we don't fulfill our liabilities, and that we allegedly withdraw the money from GDP and PM accounts to our bank account. There are two regular questions: 1) How PM can know what we do with our GDP account? 2) If this is our stabilization fund, we have a right to withdraw money to our bank account, don't we? PM wrote bullshit just to put up a smoke screen. You may ask them these two questions if you want. The amount of stabilization fund at Perfect Money will definitely suffice to return all initially invested money and profit to all investors, who made their deposits via PM. However, the Perfect Money is likely to return you initially invested money only, as they didn't declare their intention to get the information from us regarding the profit of every investor. We expect, that Perfect money, a payment company, which is so honest and careful to the clients, will return the money to everybody with no exceptions. In this regard we reset all accounts in our system that were replenished via Perfect Money. This doesn't refer to accounts replenished via GDP(!!!) That's why ask all your questions, relating to return of your money, to the payment system Perfect Money. If they undertook an obligation to distribute all money among our investors, let them do that. Perfect Money may assure you that the accounts of SportArbs were always empty. But just think a bit: Firstly, Perfect Money control all accounts and may give you ANY logs, amounts, batches, etc. Secondly, what is the reason for Perfect Money to start this conflict? What for they locked our server and wrote that we are a dishonest company? What for they launched a mass mail demonizing our company? Nothing is done for no special reason. They wanted to get our stabilization fund and if we don't push on them together they will appropriate the money of your and our stabilization fund. If our web-site works unstable sometimes, that means that Dragonara and Perfect Money are scared by the truth and initiated a DDOS-attack against our web-site, so that less people knew the truth of the current unpleasant situation. That's why we ask all of you personally, even if you made a deposit via GDP, to publish this article at forums, blogs and other public places. Please, don't forget that the interests of our company are violated. And the interests of our company are 100% your interests too.
Reply to this comment
clifton at Jul, 20 '10 08:29
Ferry, this isn't exactly the most appropriate page to post this. I'm not even clear what exactly do you mean? Is Sportsarb a scam?
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susanne mcintyre at Jan, 08 '11 16:37
i invested $1000.00 with minvestment and never recieved a penny. When you can show me where our money went i would be interested in more dealings. lol. left penniless in michigan.
Reply to this comment
susanne mcintyre at Apr, 01 '11 17:32
what happened to our investment in 2007?my husband and i trusted as a last chance and we were taken.never any communication..
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kelly scott at Mar, 23 '15 19:04
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Susan Hill at Mar, 25 '15 06:07
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Reply to this comment
Brian at Jan, 13 '16 00:37
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Reply to this comment
Rachel Portner at Feb, 18 '16 19:36
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Reply to this comment
Roger at Mar, 01 '16 21:57
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Reply to this comment
Kevin at Aug, 28 '16 22:59
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Lisa Joseph at Oct, 07 '17 03:03
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