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Ernesto, EMC Investments: We Have All The Legal Documentation

Interview by Tony Clifton

EMC Investments (ref.) is a program offering four investments funds giving variable returns. The minimum investment at the moment is around $150. Here is a short interview I did with Ernesto, the admin of EMC Investments.

Could you tell us more about your background and experience in investing?

I have been actively involved in investment sphere since 1982, especially in the significantly developing monetary market. Later on, I had extensive experience with various Hedge funds and obtainment of SEC insured Unit Trusts. I have also been an independant investor since 1999.

What exactly do you trade? I couldn't figure out by looking at the site.

Everything you need to know about our investments can be found in each fund prospectus. We usually go for non-government issued bonds, stocks from both emerging markets and already developed countries. The main markets that we trade in are: Georgia (, Ukraine (, The Caucasus sector, China (, India (, NASDAQ ( Our minor investments also reach these countries: Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia, Bulgaria, London Stock Exchange, NYSE. We are also participating in foreign exchange (covers the Monetary Market fund).

The returns of all your funds, including the conservative one are quite high. How are you able to achieve them?

With the extended use of Elliot Wave theory we are able to generate steady profits over long term. Whereas to some investments factors like fluctuations of market might make colossal damage, it brings us a new opportunity. Most of our investments are aimed for short term, therefore we prefer actual speculation over investments for dividends. Yet again, taking into account uprising economic state of still developing countries, we are able to lever our investments

What's the biggest drawdown that you have experienced so far?

We have not had any significant investment problems worth mentioning after opening our online platform. However, there was an ongoing issue that we experienced with implementation of online payment processors into our system. We had troubles incorporating E-Bullion into our system at first but we have come to an agreement with E-Bullion just lately.

Why do you work with e-currencies? Why not bank wires, credit cards etc?

Unfortunately, credit cards don't go too well with investments, because of several reasons. To begin with, EMC Investments has other payment options available, therefore accepting deposits via credit cards would be considered money moving (laundering), which is illegal. It is also illegal for us to accept money which the investor may not potentially hold for investments. In addition, due to a problem with charge backs and increasing problem of credit card numbers theft it is impossible for us to make sure that every deposit is safe. Finally, it takes a long time to clear money from credit card payments, which, in our case, is devastating to our whole investment platform system. As for bank wires, we are arranging everything and we will start accepting bank wires in a time frame of one month.

Working with online payment processors is beneficiary to both us and our investors. Most of e-currencies allow instantaneous transaction, with little or no fee.

Can you provide a proof of trading - access to the trading accounts or something like that?

We cannot disclose this information without further arrangements.

What's the guarantee that some day you won't simply disappear with all the money?

That would be the hardest topic regarding offshore investments. However, unlike most offshore companies, EMC Investments puts transparency of its offer to investors as a matter of paramount importance. We have all the legal documentation on the website accessible to everyone, along with all contact options for guidance at any time. Our fund prospects are also available for everyone to download and review to their own extent.

Isn't 7% referral commission a bit too high? Why do you pay referrals on deposits instead of paying percentage of the profits they make?

Yes, we agree that such commission is quite high, however this is very effective marketing tool and as any investment company we are interested in maintaining large investors base. You should know that by taking success fee into account which is already included in daily profits we manage to remake this fee in our advantage in about 1 to 2 months, depending on fund. And we are ready to spend this much. We considered paying referrers on referrals earnings however after some investigation we discovered that most people prefer the method we currently use.

Why is there such a $20 bonus on investments? If I invest $100 and you give me $20, this means you wont make any money from me for at least few months. What's your deal?

Considering the scale of the investments we offer, a few month differential is not too big of an issue for us. Even though, this means a drawback in profits for us, it allows us to create a great bond between us and the investors over the long term. This is also a great marketing feature for EMC Investments.

How long do you plan to stay in business and what are your plans for the future?

We currently do not have any plans for terminating our business and we have lots of new features up our sleeve to satisfy our investors. In a month or so, we will make sure bank wire deposits are accepted, users will be able to create agent accounts to gain up to 10% of referral commission. The good thing about it is not increased referral commission, but that agents will be able to sell funds to users who do not even have accounts with us or even to those who do not have internet access at all. Our most loyal investors should expect bonuses? all that, and that is just the beginning. Our company has also allocated reasonable sum to cover future advertising expenses which will allow our investment company's further growth.

Published at Dec, 17 '07 , Read 2546 times.

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User comments:

Oe_eO at Dec, 17 '07 11:49
Hi clifton, what's your conclusion about your interview with EMC? Did they give you satisfy answers?
Reply to this comment
clifton at Dec, 17 '07 12:37
Hi Oe_eO, the most important question for me was proof of trading... You see the answer :)
Reply to this comment
clifton at Dec, 18 '07 05:10
The minimum investment is actually just $10, Ernesto emailed me to let me know that you can purchase part of the fund unit.
Reply to this comment
Tony P at Dec, 18 '07 10:39
Hi Tony, I think the COI is a real one but I believe it has been tampered with and it is a fake.....look at then look in the bottom right hand corner where it says Sandra M Julien. Now look at the printed wording "Registrar of Companies" ........these are high quality printed certificates and should not be at an angle to the document. Just my 2c All the best, Tony P from "IP"
Reply to this comment
clifton at Dec, 18 '07 10:45
Thanks a lot for your feedback, Tony
Reply to this comment
Jamal Malik at Dec, 18 '07 11:12
Yes TP, Adobe Pro 7.0 or photoshop could have input the text "EMC Trading Limited" very well for example. When you scan or fax copies of your college degrees or business license, your name doesnt ever come out looking like that.
Reply to this comment
clifton at Dec, 18 '07 11:42
Makes sense, Jamal. Would be interesting to hear Ernesto's comment on that.
Reply to this comment
Oe_eO at Dec, 19 '07 05:48
i try take a look of the document and zoom in. I'm sure that document 100% fake one. The letter's use different font and watch carefully at the date at the right bottom of the page. You'll find it that it was edited.
Reply to this comment
Jamal Malik at Dec, 19 '07 05:55
Yep, i see what you mean and agree. Good ole photoshop. We have to make sure our daughters dont get ahold of such software and make themselves fake IDs. (*laughing, but concerned at the same time*)
Reply to this comment
Ernesto at Dec, 19 '07 09:40
Dear sirs, specially for you I have made several photos of these two documents using my phone camera from different angles. I hope that this will convince you that our company is real.
Reply to this comment
Jamal Malik at Dec, 19 '07 10:09
Good idea Ernesto, to post the camera photos in response to our comments. Your attention to our concerns is appreciated. I was able to open up 1 of those photo links. However, Opentrade's COI looked very impressive and real from Panama, but they had no problem disolving. Articles of incorporation, I use to protect myself more so than they are used to protect clients of mine. Isn't that the case with HYIPs too Tony and Ernesto? What is it supposed to mean to me when i see incorporatino certificats from another country, when corporations in the states dont even give me protection when i see theirs? (Enron)
Reply to this comment
clifton at Dec, 19 '07 10:51
Hi folks, sorry our system had some issues with multiple links in the comments - we fixed it now, so all pictures can be seen.
Reply to this comment
Oe_eO at Dec, 19 '07 11:19
LOL... the doc. it print out from the fake one. All you've to do is print it at the right paper (doc. paper). When i zoom in, i still see that the date on that doc. is edited. WHAT IS YOUR EXPLAINATION ABOUT IT?
Reply to this comment
Jamal Malik at Dec, 19 '07 12:18
the document could be really from dominican republic. Maybe the quality of their certificates are all on recycled forms which they just fill in the blanks with a name and a date then sign it and slap a sticker on it. Im okay with the doc being real. I still prefer to do business with brick and mortar building that i can catch a flight to and walk into and raise hell if i need to.
Reply to this comment
Tony P at Dec, 19 '07 14:21
Sorry folks....but I will be giving these a wide berth...Your call...
Reply to this comment
jamal malik at Dec, 19 '07 15:36
I call for a berth that is very wide also; Docking not feasable type wide berth. But hey, Vegas is fun, and so are HYIP's sometimes. Your call...
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