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Top 5 Online Training Resources for Forex Traders

by Heather Johnson

Whether you are new to trading or just need to brush up on some of your skills, there are many online resources that help you to hone your talents. In fact, Forex newcomers are heartily recommended to practice with a demo account and read some tutorials before getting into the market. Below are five sites that will help you to expound on everything you have learned so far about trading.

  1. - Quick registration will give you access to a free Forex practice account. You will be given $50,000 in virtual funds to use in this 30-day demo. The site promises that you will be under no obligation with this trial.

  2. FX Trading Station - Free with no obligation, subscription to this free practice account will also come with free charts, Forex news, technical analysis and real-time prices.

  3. School of Pipsology - This tutorial was designed for Forex newcomers and has become a very popular training resource. Lessons are even available in PDF format for quick printing if you need some handouts.

  4. NFA Forex Training - From the National Futures Association (NFA) comes the Forex Online Learning Program. This user-friendly lesson plan takes about 45 minutes to complete and is free of charge.

  5. Cyber Trading University - This site offers a free two-hour Forex presentation. The video covers the history of the Forex market, PIP spreads, majors & crosses, economic indicators, fundamental analysis, various charting styles and more.

The sites above offer free services to both inexperienced traders and seasoned veterans. Although you may think you already know everything about the market, it is possible that need a refresher course on subjects like complex charting strategies. Regardless of your skill level, a wise investor will never end his or her education, as there is always more to learn.

About the author:
Heather Johnson is a freelance finance and economics writer, as well as a regular contributor for, a site for currency trading and forex trading information. Heather welcomes comments and freelancing job inquiries at her email address

Published at Apr, 24 '08 , Read 3260 times.

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User comments:

Jamal Malik at May, 13 '08 13:14
FXCM has some great training available as well, and most of it's free. Isn't FXCM the largest Forex brokerage in the world? The Managed Forex account offered at uses FXCM as its brokerage and trading platform for example.
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Farhan Aziz at Nov, 26 '17 04:44
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