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11 Investment Ideas From $11 to $11,000

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There are plenty of great investment opportunities available if you have a million dollars or more. You can buy a companies, factories, real estate, start your own medium sized business and so on. The problem for most of us is that one million is a lot of money. And would you be looking so eagerly for investment opportunities if you already had a million? I guess no. Most of the really passionate investors are driven by the desire to be financially free, because currently they are not.

For me it's a lot more interesting how one can invest small amounts wisely and support their income by it. Almost everyone can save from few hundreds to few thousands but most people just waste this money on cars, girls, TVs and laptops that they don't really need. Instead of following this stupid route you could invest such relatively small amounts of money and buy cars and laptops from the income your investment brings - or why not just compound your investment and achieve financial freedom much sooner than expected?

Tree and money
Photo by pfala

I'm going to give you several ideas how you can invest amounts starting from $10 and up to $10,000 - $11,000. Of course every investment hides risk and you can lose some of the invested money or even all of it. But if it's money for unimportant things wouldn't you trade the reasonable risk for the chance to achieve better life? I know I would, I know I do, and I know investing really helps me do this. Anyway, what follows is not a financial advice, just ideas.

Enough introduction, let's start. The ideas are randomly sorted and sometimes unrelated to each other. Most of them aren't 100% passive investment - if you want to make something of such small amounts you may need to put also some work.

Investing in professional tools

Buying good tools can improve your productivity in what you do. Maybe you prefer to spend your hard earned money for fun rather than on work-related stuff, but what if you buy better tools which help you make more money and have more fun long term? For example if you are a graphic designer buying a good monitor and powerful computer will help you to work easier and better. If you are a driver buying a more economical car or just fixing your car for few hundreds is going to save you/make you a lot more money long term.

Even if you work in a company on a fixed salary you can benefit of investing in professional tools. If you buy such tools for your home you can start consulting work in your free time and even later leave the job turning your consulting into full time business.

Consider the benefits of taking classes in an online mba program. You could gain new insight into your business's industry while acquiring new skills and knowledge which will in turn make you irreplaceable as an employee or a well prepared business owner.

Look around you, check your work life and ask yourself what tools or improvements to your existing tools can make you more efficient and thus lead to higher income.

This is probably the least passive investment of all discussed in this post but it still can be very efficient, especially if you only have few hundred dollars for investing.

Investing in content websites and blogs

Now everyone and their mother is talking about making money online. A discouraging fact however is that most of the sites don't even make enough money per year to pay their domain name. Making money online by throwing few articles on a crappy site is a myth and just does not work.

But there are many content sites that do make money and even I own some. Usually these are sites that offer interesting and useful content, rank well in the search engines and have some following. Starting such site from scratch and building it with zero capital is possible, but is a lot of work and a lot of learning. One way to speed up such process is to invest few bucks in it. You can do it several ways:

  • Purchase custom design or at least a premium template - this will cost from $50 to $1,000 or so

  • Pay a writer to write good high quality articles for the site - for 10 quality articles this may cost $200

  • Pay a developer to create tools and software related to the site. They will improve the customer satisfaction and may lead to incoming links and traffic. Can cost from $50 to any amount depending on what you want to have developed.

  • Hire a SEO expert for consultation. You can hire someone cheap to do all the SEO for you for $200, but I strongly recommend you not to do this, because these guys will just submit your site to directories which is useless. Better spend $200 or more for 1 hour consultation with real knowledgeable SEO.

  • Buy original images, vectors and so on - they will make your site look great and attract links

Using this approach you can make an investment of $500 - $5,000 and build an asset that can bring you income for years. There is no way to say how much it will be, but a well done small content site in good niche can easily bring $100 nett income monthly. Even if you have spent $5,000 for that, this means you are making 24% ROI per year. Quite nice!

There is another option however - there are many sites and forums where webmasters sell their content sites and blogs for various reasons. Considering that many of these sites are sold for just few thousands or even less, this is an excellent opportunity to buy passive investment with small amount of cash. Most webmasters are happy to sell their site for 1 - 2 years of its income so if you know how to evaluate the sites and protect yourself from scammers, you can make a really great deal.

This is a large topic, so if you feel interested here is a great advice for starters.

Ivesting in agribusiness

Let me jump to completely unrelated area now. How could you invest $500 or $5,000 in agribusiness? Isn't this a business for people with millions? No, it's not. You don't need to grow wheat, rise or soy. You can buy a small fruit garden, vegetable garden or invest in beehives and make really nice return.

Agribusiness and the lifestyle associated with it is not for everyone, but it's something you can think about. Especially if you live in a house or work from home, it might appear to be easy and cheap way to increase your income by doing a little non-heavy work. Growing organic fruits, vegetables, walnuts or honey is getting more and more valuable with every year.

Even if you invest just a thousand dollars or so and use the food for your own family this can result in huge savings and gains long term - not only monetary gains, but also health-wise.

Investing in drop ship business

Drop shipping is a typically web-based business in which you sell products of various companies and they do the shipping. So all you need to do is to bring them customers. It's similar to affiliate marketing but often allows more flexibility and higher profit margins because you sell the products from your own store and set your own prices rather than redirecting the customer to the supplier's site.

Building a drop ship store isn't hard, but finding good suppliers and promoting the store is where the most of your money and efforts will go. A good way to invest in such a store is to buy established drop ship business with customers and income.

You are unlikely to find anything good for less than $1,000, but $5,000 or $10,000 can be enough to buy you an established store that makes from $200 to $2,000 per month.

Investing in education

This is an area that allows investing with very small amounts of money. From $20-$30 to few hundreds can buy a subscription to some useful online membership site, take a paid certification in any area, remote university course or just a bunch of very useful books.

Education investing is of course a tricky area. First, it is almost never a passive investing - except few rare exceptions when getting some kind of certificate automatically raises your salary or hourly rate, in most cases you need to apply the learned matter in order to earn from it. While often education can have extremely high ROI, in many cases it's a waste of money and time. Saying this you can consider it one of the riskiest but highest yield investments you can make.

Investing in household items and home improvement

Some forms of small investments work better to save money rather than directly to bring you income. Some investors will argue that such a thing is not an investment but I think at the end all that matters is the cash going in or staying in your pocket.

Buying household items like a bread machine or a larger freezer can help you save some bucks long term. You can achieve better results if you invest in better home insulation - which will reduce your bills for heating and cooling for years. Buying solar panels or making other alternative energy improvement can also lead to very high ROI.

Most people do use extra money for home improvement but they rarely think about it as an investment and forget about the cashflow that a new item brings or leaks in the future.

Investing in info-product

Back to more attractive and more lucrative investment idea: info-product. Info-products can be any form of digital product - e-book, membership website, set of videos, small movie, software, web based service and so on. The great thing about developing an info-product is that all it takes is work and can be done entirely by yourself. Of course you have better chances to produce good info-product if you are an expert in certain area. Then you can invest some money in advertising and branding although this could also be done for free - of course with a lot more work and patience.

You can also approach info-product creation entirely as an investor or producer. Find the right people to do the work, play the music, record the videos, write the texts, code the software, do the design, or whatever is required. You can be the head that only gives the ideas and manages the team. Depending on the product you may need few hundreds to few hundred thousands dollars.

The great thing about information products is that once created you can sell them again and again at no additional costs. This allows you to build a marketing network of affiliates and offer them high commissions.

If you want to learn more about information products, you can start with this good blog post.

Investing in leads

This is a quick and easy way for individual professionals or small businesses to increase their income. In many areas of business there are brokers who sell leads - the contact details of potential customers highly interested in what you have to offer. If you have not enough customers and work or your customers don't bring you enough income, maybe it's time to think about purchasing leads and getting access to better projects and customers.

Typically leads are sold to small number of providers and are pre-qualified which gives you much better chances to win the project and earn good money as opposed to bidding on auctions or freelance sites, or doing cold calling for example.

The price of leads vary a lot depending on the niche and quality. For example the most popular site for software and scripts, Hotscripts recently started selling web development leads for $10 per lead. These leads are collected as inquiries through the site and are of people really interested in getting some work done. This means you can start investing with $50 or so. Not bad if you are a web development consultant.

Of course there are many scam services that sell fake leads. Research every service prior to purchasing leads and try with the smallest package possible first to ensure that the leads are genuine.

Investing in advertisement

Advertisement is similar to buying leads. You pay some money with the idea to get more customers for your business or service. Many professionals and small businesses struggle to get customers but never spend a penny to advertise their services. This is stupid. When advertising works, it can achieve amazing results.

What kind of advertisement could you buy with $500, $1,000 or $10,000? Definitely not a TV ad. I can recommend investing such money in PPC ad, other online advertisement, ads in local newspaper, Facebook and so on. Sometimes even buying a nice signboard for your small store or office can do wonders.

Don't be afraid to try advertisement. Sometimes it costs more money than it brings, but the potential ROI is unlimited.

Investing in small offline business

The latest few ideas assumed that you already have a small business or at least do some freelance consulting. Now, here is a "from scratch" investment idea: start small offline business. Doing business online has a lot of advantages but sometimes doing something local in your neighborhood is the answer.

What can $500 - $10,000 buy you? A small store (renting the real estate), fast food shop, coffee-shop, atelier, or just anything that is small enough. If your have cash closer to the upper limit of $10,000 you may be able to even afford hiring someone to work at the store rather than doing the sales yourself (which would make it real investment rather than a new job).

There are also some franchise opportunities which can be started with such small investment. And you know, franchising is one of the safest forms of small business.

Investing in financial instruments

Most people would start with this :) There's nothing original in making a bank deposit or investing in stocks and bonds - I just wanted to remind you in case you missed this option. If you can achieve 10% yearly ROI, $10,000 invested for 25 years would turn into $95k (checked with this compounding calculator). And that's absolutely passive.

Of course achieving even 10% yearly is hard with financial instruments. There are much better options and most of them are already listed in this post.

Investing in coins and other collectibles

Finally I want to point out one old and still valid form of investing - coins, paintings and other collectibles. This is usually long term investing as the prices of collectibles don't fluctuate daily. It's however something you can start with just few bucks and eventually turn it into something bigger.

As I don't have much experience investing in coins, I can point you to a better resource.

If you want to spend your money wisely, there are plenty of ways to do it. You don't need to do like everyone - depositing it in the bank, neither you need to lose the money in online scams or volatile forex trading. Be creative and find your wise investment opportunity or a combination of them. Good luck!

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User comments:

Dhan Subba at Jun, 17 '10 23:43
I have been Stock market trading for the last 15 years or so. All Cash Trading. Basically I never lost money and feel I can utilize this skill in the internet market. Can you advise.
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Tyler at Nov, 04 '10 12:26
What type of returns are you getting per month.
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clifton at Feb, 02 '12 08:56
Tyler, returns depend on the type of investment, and they will vary for everyone. In general I consider everything over 1% per month as good, but my target is 2%-5%
Reply to this comment
daisyB at Apr, 02 '12 00:25
Investing isn't just for the wealthy. If you have a few thousand or even less than a hundred dollars saved, here are some suggestions on how to make the most of it. When you invest cash in company stock, commodities, futures and other venues, the hope is that you will delight in sensible return on your cash, perhaps even high returns. However, investment charges can creep in and eat away at the gains. Take notice, and you also can learn how to save money on investing charges. You can learn How to save money on investing fees and be successful.
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Mcaguru at Aug, 16 '12 10:34
Another great small investment idea is MCA. They offer a myriad of automotive services with an awesome associate commission plan paying out 200% on all sign ups! Check out my site for info:
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Jae Brown at Aug, 30 '12 15:05
Dhan Subba Just wondering how do you start your All Cash Trading? Can you give me an open path to begin in investing?
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John Smith at Feb, 14 '13 21:10
you have just wasted 10 mins of my time.
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Begotti at Aug, 30 '13 05:48
Being a self-directed investor/ trader from my personal experience can be daunting but with some reading and some time, it is achievable. Cash trading account or more appropriately referred to as is a self-directed account are fairly easy to open online, no different than say opening a Google account. But first you should focus on understanding value based investing and technical analysis. Then when you feel gamey, start studying as though you were going to take the Series 7 exam. This is the exam that all entry level Broker and dealer need to pass before selling and advising client on securities, stocks, bonds and so forth. Then from there you will know enough to push yourself to whatever level you want to go in. hope this was helpful…
Reply to this comment
Begotti at Aug, 30 '13 05:56
One tip go to your local largest library and check out every book related to trading and investing, and especially locate a “Barron’s dictionary of finance and investment terms” and a “series 7” prep book. Read the preface of the Barron’s…
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rajab at Sep, 18 '15 09:34
Investing in agribusiness is something great which will bring high return but also another way of saving money is through buying foreign currency especially those with high value whose rate are varying in relation to your domestic country
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rajab at Sep, 18 '15 09:36
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Alex at Mar, 23 '17 07:30
An excellent idea for investing in microcredit with an investment: From 6 to 11 months with quarterly interest payments, the rate of 5% USD, From 12 to 17 months with a quarterly interest payment, a rate of 7% USD, From 18 to 24 months with a quarterly interest payment, a rate of 8% USD, Interesting, write RUSOVINVEST@YA.RU
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lyn at Apr, 14 '17 18:35
I just invested 50k that yields 5k/month. In 10 months I will get my investment back and continue to make 5k/month for 10 mins of computer work everyday. I can share this with u if ur interested. I can give your contact number to the owner. email me rhodalyn75@gmail For the past months I've looked, researched and tried various on line biz and none of them work. They seem easy and profitable but the truth it is so hard to compete with those who have great technical knowledge and those who can pay them. My suggestion is to start with cheap websites and try first. I had a mistake buying $4k website and so far have not make a dollar despite me spending $800 for SEO etc.
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Tijani nosiru olaitan at Oct, 08 '17 12:08
I will like to invest little amount of naira that can be yielding profit for me,thanks.
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