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Basic Due Diligence: Unravel scams by searching the Net

by Tony Clifton

No Due Diligence can prove you at 100% that a HYIP is legitime. We have seen all kind of scams - with real address, proofs of trading, registered companies and everything. However there are some simple steps which can help you discover the "cheaper" scams or at least can raise your attentionn to a program which have attracted your interest. Let us see what they are:

- Whois lookup
Probably the simplest, yet effective way to check if there is something fishy in a program. Go to, type the domain name of the HYIP and see the outputed info. A lot of times you will find that the domain name is registered with an anonymous service like KatzGlobal. This is never a good sign, because it means the owner hides their identity, but does not prove the program is a scam - many honest persons prefer to protect their privacy. However, if there is detailed Whois info you can check if the country, phone, names and company match what the HYIP owner claims. If it does not, that certainly means they are lying you.
There is a more important step here - often the domain is registered to a company ran by the same person. You can find the site of that company, other sites etc. Often you will find out another scams ran by the same company/person. Then you will know to stay away.

- link: search
Go to Google and type link: (where is the actual domain name of the program you wantto check). This will show you what sites link to this program. Often you may find it in various blacklist, or advertised by unfair service or just discussed as scam.
You can extend your search by using links:, site: or just An easy way to check for scam report is to type scam + "program name" (where "program name" is the actual program name or domain) and see the results returned.
Also, don't forget Google is not the only search engine. Perform similar searches with MSN and Yahoo.

- PING and TraceRoute
These are more technical and useful only when there is already suspect in relation between the target program and known scam. With ping (you can run ping by opening command prompt on your PC and typing ping: you can retrieve the program IP. You can check if it match the IP of the supposingly related scam (or at least the digits before the last "." are the same). Remember however, that even the same IPs do not prove the programs are ran by the same owner - they could just use shared namebased hosting. But such discovering should definitely raise your attention. TraceRoute (run it by typing tracert: works in similar way, but not only reveals the IP - it shows t

he path to it.

- e-gold account search
Most HYIPs use e-gold as investing method. Go to your favourite search engine and type the e-gold account number. Sometimes you will find scam warnings about the account or blacklists containing it. Sometimes you will just find another sites using it and thus you can check another ventures ran by the same person. Sometimes you will find nothing of course :-)

- email search
You can find out a lot about someone by putting their email address in a search engine. Next time when you are checking a HYIP, do it. You can discover their other sites using it, mailing lists, forum discussions and many more. If the program lists more than one address, check them all.

Enough for this time. These methods are basic, but yet very powerful. Spend more time researching than money investing.

Published at Nov, 29 '05 , Read 17851 times.

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User comments:

MR. MARC DINCER at Dec, 06 '10 17:12
Comment removed due to some legal threat, sorry I can't check if it's valid or not. (edited by admin)
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Natalia at Feb, 25 '11 03:29
Mr Dincer, are you scammer too? How many oil contracts do you have and signed as a buyer ? and you have zerro money!!! or maybe you try tell me now that you didnot present yourself as a partner of trader??? i sure you ahve to go out of oil business as well. I know tht you have International case now and W.T.O. has papers against you as well. Be carefull what you say about somebody if by yourself scammer and crook
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Leon at Apr, 11 '11 03:57
I agreed with you Natalia about Mr Marc Dincer, because we spent so much money and waist time when came to meet him as a partner of trader. NOTHING was done! He is simply broker, who lied to everybody and try cheating all other guys, who involted in any of "his" deal. Do not waist time with him!
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Alex at Oct, 21 '11 05:56
I agreed TOO! He is scammer and lier for sure!!!
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Max at Jan, 17 '16 05:55
who know this person? Its biggest crook! be very careful! STANISLAV MALYY Company: TATRAPETROL Sk, s.r.o, (TIN) 31 713 131 Address: KysuckГЎ 3416/27, 058 01, Poprad, Slovaki Company: PHM Invest Holding Corp. Address: Calle Primera, Pargue Lefevre, apartemento в„– 3 (Panama)
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Bill at Jan, 18 '16 08:09
If you, Max, can provide any evidence of the fraud from this guy, I will pay to you 5 MIL Euro. But if you can NOT do it, take out your commence or we start investigation and put you in big trouble. International Department of fraud IP
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Tatyana at Feb, 26 '17 14:49
Hello, If anybody start deal with company ASA FINANCANI D.O.O. ( MR. DUSAN STOJIC) - Serbia Address : DRAGICE PAREZANOVIC 25– 32250 IVANJICA - SERBIA Company Reg. No : 20898208 Represented by : MR. DUSAN STO JIC/CEO Nationality : SERBIA Passport No.# : 010470933 BE VERY CAREFULL with this guy. He never done any deal, he doesn't have a money but always signed very big amount contracts! They just a scammer!
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Dusan Stojic at Feb, 26 '17 14:58
Ladies and gentlemen. If any sign of imagination and you get a business dame Tatjana, who writes nonsense about me, please make a good lather. She has nothing but a counterfeit document and seeking payment in advance for anything. Be careful and do not pay her anything before the instrument check. He lies and cheats and sets himself to God, liars and cheats.Evidence will send you if you are interested.
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Dusan Stojic at Feb, 26 '17 15:05
Which is just the main, the same lady (so to call from courtesy, though not by works) everything works with people's documents itself can not give his passport and its data. I do not want to talk after skaype the phone * because everything eavesdropping. * It speaks only of its honorable intentions.
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Tatyana at Mar, 06 '17 10:41
ASA Financani DOO.   This Company is         Non-Reliable Broker in SERBIA like FAKE Group, so please forget any OFFER         from them to avoid any Trouble in advance. BST RGDS/SHINJI Its a very known trader!
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Dusan Stojic at Mar, 06 '17 11:17
Dear visitors of the site. Please take a good look this part because it is a wife cheater. (Tatjana) I'm sorry for my English, that is not good, but I hope that anyone who wants to understand. Pay attention to a woman dealing with fals securities. false contracts and that you then blackmail to get you paid her not to write about you. If someone wants to see what was going on, let me send my meil and a good view of the instrument who it was. About oji instrument is 100% false and which are required 2 million in advance payments. It's about Tatjana who do not know from which country, which is under Meili: and whose name is Tatiana. I'll send everyone who is interested in the document and the contract, in order to know with whom they are dealing. Voit care of themselves and their data. She is a woman a liar and a cheat high class.
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Dusan Stojic at Mar, 06 '17 11:22
Her email is: Al J Serkal Note: If allows you need proof that I'm ready you for your meil deliver the contract and all the false documents as well as the complete correspondence with her. So decide if I fake broker or correct customer. I've already deal through a lawyer Interpol and all the services that are responsible for these scammers and women who have nothing to do but to insult and belittle people who have failed to fraud.
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Dusan Stojic at Mar, 06 '17 11:35
Meilen: Al J Serkal Well what about this check mails you receive and sign. Oh, that all changes to it easily. City where you write, where is the passport you will never give. Genuine liar and a fraud. I can not be called honest broker because the broker without the work is not taking place.
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Dusan Stojic at Mar, 06 '17 12:28
I repeat: if there is anyone who believes Tatjana, and wants to see her deception and lies, let me send meil. I'll send him a contract, a copy of the euro clergy and all correspondence between us. Thank u napeed. I'll be happy to show you who is the liar and a cheat.
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Dusan Stojic at Mar, 06 '17 12:29
Sorry for my bad English.
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Carsten Saugmann at Nov, 14 '17 03:53
Dear Mr Dusan, Please respond to me asap thanks, I have a 103 from UBS Singapore on 500 M EURO,
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Dragoslav at Jan, 16 '18 10:32
Dear Miss Tatyana, your informations about Mr Dusan Stojic are not true. Cousin Dragoslav from Belgrade. Tel. +381628148679
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