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Yusuf Adams at Feb, 21 '18 18:13:
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Global Forum Network: "Our previous projects are still doing well"

Interview by Tony Clifton   [Your Interview Here]

Ok, before giving you the interview, I want to say something about Global Forum Network (GFN). First when I saw them, I was pretty sceptical. You will notice this mood in my questions. I have seen few programs which claim to invest in websites and I know this is not an easy thing to do. The last negative example - - still makes me feel bad.

But the answers which Phil - the GFN admin - gave me really earned my respect. You will see that yourself in the interview. I have not performed Due Diligence, as such is hard to do on that kind of programs. But the fact that GFN has created several long term successful projects speaks more than that.

I won't go into details about what the program has to offer - just check this at the details page.

Many of the questions in the interview are addressing their Marketing Strategies, so you may want to check them out.

1. Can you give URLs to some sites from the old network that you talk about at the site?

Yes certainly Tony, the Network is the Web Life Network, which is still operating and producing returns today.

Some of the sites include Web Life and HYIP Safe List.

2. For how long time has it generated 240% profit? What is the current situation with those sites?

The profit that you mention was generated over a period of around 2 years.
As mentioned above the sites are still operating today and producing revenue, however we did sell some sites, such as HYIP Search.

3. I saw the 3 sites in your current network. Except, which is still too young to bring any serious profit, the other sites are in development. When you expect them to be launched and to start generating profits?

Actually Talk Thailand has already secured paid banner advertising thro our Partner Network and is generating Google revenue. Private HYIPs is about to be launched and banner advertising has been booked on a number of HYIP sites to help promote the site. You will see the ads popping up over the next week. We expect this site to be attractive to advertisers immediately as it has a strong history and has a member base of around 2,000 members. Another site, International Forum Awards is currently having its theme done and will launch after Private HYIPs.

4. The forums in general are not easy to monetize. What will be your income sources? How well did Adsense ads perform in the forums from your previous network?

Income will come form the following sources:

Google and Yahoo ads
Purchased advertising

Google Adsense performed well on the other Network however purchased advertising was the biggest earner.

5. From your Marketing Strategies "We ensue that all our sites are fully optimized, so that we achieve good page rankings". I just had a look on The URLs are not optimized and the Meta description tag is missing. What SEO has been done on this site?

No SEO has been done on this site yet. We are currently talking to two SEO companies about our Network and hope to award a contract to optimize our sites in the near future.

6. In Marketing strategies - "Selective Paid Advertising" - you say you advertise on popular sites. Can you provide some of the URLs?

Nope not yet, as this is all in the planning stage. We have highlighted sites that we want to advertise on when we launch particular sites.

7. Another marketing strategy is "Promotion Ladies". Now, that's sweet :-) In what place of the world one can see your ladies?

LOL spot on Tony, Promotion Ladies can be very sweet but more important they are very effective for promoting regional sites such as Talk Thailand. You will be able to see our ladies in a few weeks time in Chon Buri Province, Thailand. We will post pictures after the event. We are also planning on using Promotion Ladies to promote Aussie Talk and UK Talk when they launch. We have admin and staff based in both these countries to organize the ladies and the promotions

8. "Newspaper Ads" - any examples as well?

Not yet but once again very good for regional sites. I will let you know when our first ad goes to press, probably in the Bangkok Post for Talk Thailand.

9. Why e-gold and similar e-currencies? It's costly to turn them into real cash which can be then used to purchase advertisement.

E-currencies are widely accepted and used on the internet these days. Design work, programming, hosting, returns can all easily be paid via e-currencies. We also accept bank wires. To pay for offline advertising we can out exchange fairly cost effectively.

Published at Dec, 03 '06 , Read 7035 times.

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User comments:

Carlos at Dec, 09 '06 05:59
In my opinion, before they go online they should make a base of their business and not after they launch their business. It seems that no SEO, no AD newspaper, no advertising in popular sites, contacting SEO companies? Which of them? Where are the proofs? I am commenting on this because eTalkShare is something similar and it seems that many people will use this "Concept" to scam. I am not telling this is a scam but just that at least they should show on their sites high pageranks.
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alex blake at Feb, 13 '18 17:23
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