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Crowdfunding Opportunity Review: Solar S3C for Schools and Home

This is an opportunity to invest, make profits, and make huge social impact at the same time. I love the idea behind the company presented below:

URL: Solar S3C for Schools and Home

Opportunity type: Equity crowdfunding

Minimum investment: €20

This investment is offered by Symbid - so far the only popular internationally working equity crowdfunding platform.

Why Is It Interesting?

This is a service company working with new technologies and powering poor areas of the world. They install and offer solar systems to local communities in Africa, using schools as hubs. One of the things I like in this is that they also offer the solar lamp WakaWaka - fairly promising product, also crowdfunded through Symbid.

In short, here are a couple of reasons to pay attention to this company:

  • The future is in solar energy, or at least some of it. And they bring the best products to rural areas in Africa - places that need electricity most.
  • They are targeting a huge market - yes, these people are poor, but making $1 profit of hundred million customers while greatly improving their life sounds like a huge win-win.
  • It's a service company which means they work with local representatives, have connections with local communities, and there is stronger barrier to entry. Such a business is not like starting a website to sell solar lamps.
  • Finally, 10% of equity is offered for the €50,000 target amount which for me looks like undervaluing the opportunity. And as I see the amount is quickly accumulating so it seems I am not the only one who thinks so.

Medium Risk, Medium Reward

This is how I rate this crowdfunding opportunity. The projected return of equity varies between 29% and 53% per year (after the first year where loss is projected). This is not earth shattering but still much better than your bank gives. The risk seems pretty low for a crowdfunding project for me. I'll rate it medium only because it can't be compared to investing in a bank deposit of course.

In general, my expectations for this project are highly positive.

This is not a financial or investment advice.

Published at Nov, 25 '12 , Read 2983 times.

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