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Viainvest P2P Lending Review

Viainvest is a Latvian P2P investing platform providing loans mostly from Poland, Latvia, and Spain. The platform provides only loans with buy-back guarantee at this time.

My performance so far is good. The yearly ROI as calculated by them is 10.73%. My own calculations are closer to 9% but this is still pretty good. And the fact that all loans are with buy-back guarantee makes Viainvest a rather stress-free investment. (Let's not forget that the risk of some of the loan providers of the platform itself going bankrupt still exists).

My Viainvest dashboard

Now, let's focus on the advantages and disadvantages of Viainvest:

The Good

  • All loans have buy-back guarantee. Now, let me tell you a secret: a loan at 10% per year with buy-back guarantee isn't that much different to a loan at 13% per year which has no guarantee. If you invest in enough loans of this risk category (more than 200 or so) you will statistically have a default rate that will give you the 10% on all. Still, it's nice and stress-free to have only guaranteed loans. You don't have to wonder and pick too much, just invest in any of the them.
  • Decent returns. All loans in Viainvest have 10% or 12% return at the moment. This is not bad at all especially for guaranteed loans. The returns is better than Klear's and close to Mintos (judging by my own performance).
  • Mostly short-term loans. Most loans in Viainvest are for 30 days or shorter. This gives you a quick turnaround for your money and quick exit should you decide to leave Viainvest.
  • Auto-invest. I don't usually use the auto-invest feature but Viainvest is one of the platforms where I do. Since most loans are very similar I decided to save my time and let my money work harder by enabling it.
  • Lots of loans. There is no shortage of loans at this site, tens of new loans appear every day.

The Bad

  • The website is too basic. Not that I want flashy things but Viainvest doesn't even have proper filters to leave out loans you have already invested in. The site is very basic, the stats are not useful at all.
  • Minimum €10 per loan. This is the standard for most EU p2p sites but compared to Klear it's a lot. You need more money to achieve proper diversification.
  • No secondary market. Yeah, I know they have buy-back on all loans and all loans are short-term so you can make a quick exit. Still, I prefer sites with secondary market, it gives so many opportunities.

With all said, Viainvest is one of the top p2p lending sites available in Europe. I like it a lot and recommend it.

Published at Jan, 09 '18 , Read 25 times.

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